This Is Synesthesia: The Nonsense of Olivia Rodrigo and Other Artists


Singers such as Lady Gaga or Stevie Wonder, painters such as Van Gogh and writers such as Nabokov claim greater creativity.

Olivia Rodrigo during the 2022 Met Gala
Olivia Rodrigo during the 2022 Met GalaAP
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There are some who taste the words and others who see the colored letters. As well as those who interpret melodies in red tones or may give physical form to pain or passion. A quality named after a disease that many artists revere for creativity. Olivia RodrigoAs a singer of great success Driver’s license, has joined the bandwagon of synesthesia. A ‘gift’ or way of perceiving reality with which they can perceive sounds, or words, or colors or tastes. “When a person has synesthesia, the pathways that connect each of their senses to the brain work in different ways,” the neurologist explains. Jess PortaVice President of the Spanish Society of Neurology (SEN).

In short, it’s about interpreting one emotion as another“For example, hearing a musical note and that our brain interprets it as a colour”, specifies the neurologist.

Synesthesia – which does not correspond to a disease, but is related to the way we perceive reality – is part of the life of more than 4% of the world’s population. “Though there are many that have been suggested.” A person who thinks of banana and imagines yellow is not a photosynthetic. “It is he who reads that word in yellow, even though it is written in black ink”Expert specifies.

In studies on the matter it has been observed that it may answer a excess activity in certain areas of the brain, Such as the limbic zone (the main system responsible for affective life and memory formation) or those that process color among others. In addition, “its genetic component is known,” say neurologists.

Olivia Rodrigo was honest during an interview where she combined her ‘gift’ with inspiration when it comes to composing. Rodrigo isn’t the first artist to attribute synesthesia during the creative process of his work. “When I listen to songs, I see colors. A lot of sour songs are purple”, announced during an interview. There are two approaches to understanding the relationship between synthesis and creativity. Firstly, “people who have been interpreting things differently since childhood, develop a much more plastic brain, with a greater ability to metaphorically or exploit the creative part”, explains Sen’s vice president. Secondly, it is also for visibility. “The artists who have spoken, being notorious, tend to overestimate and influence us in some way, which is why we draw the connection between creativity and synesthesia,” says the expert.

Whatever the real reason, the importance of synthesis has been represented and exploited throughout literature by all the artists who have claimed it to be. Olivia Rodrigo described the colorful series of successes of her latest album, “Driver’s license it’s purple, but good for you It is between purple and blue. Jelousi, Jelousi It is bright red. deja vu It’s orange, pink and light purple, more pastel.” This way of interpreting reality facilitates creative potential and helps sweeten the work, But, “it’s not a marker of the artist at all, nor does being synesthetic make you more or less creative”.

For the day-to-day lives of these people. Since it is not a pathology, it usually does not have negative consequences. Studies indicate that people with synesthesia can feel Exhaustion or stress from over-stimulation and sensory overload throughout the day, but most will have no disruption to their routine. “Many of them don’t even know they are. Synesthesia is something natural and since it’s not a pathology, usually do not have negative consequences“, says Porta. When they hear someone famous or someone they know talk about their experiences or sensibility, they may wonder why the eight is blue or the D chord is pistachio green.

In addition to the types mentioned: the grapheme-coloredthose who see words or numbers in a certain color, chromesthesia Which makes it possible to see colors when listening to sounds, or vice versa.

may also affect synthesis time and space parameters Assuming that it is a physical entity represented in blocks of different sizes and colors according to their charge. either autism with which the person experiences physical sensations when hearing certain sounds, or lxico-patrol One who experiences taste while listening to a word. Or they are able to represent personality as a symbol.

Artists with Synesthesia Throughout History

Art and Synesthesia, Synesthesia and Art. Relationships that they take lightly knowing the number of actors who announce their existence. In addition, words or the combination of sensations with textures and colors are part of everyday life for those who are not so sensitive. Expressions like “filthy pale”, “harsh words” and “sweet look” are the products of a synesthetist. Throughout history, in the field of artists, this phenomenon has been understood as a quality or ‘gift’ to cultural creation.

personality like Vladimir NabokovRussian author of lolita, explained in an interview that “he had an unusual gift that allowed him to see colored letters”, just like that Charles BaudelaireFrench poet, who smells of sounds in his work.

like familiar faces in the world of painting Vincent van Gogh You Wassily KandinskyDress the walls of museums with brilliance that isn’t always understandable to an insensitive eye.

behind the microphone, singer Stevie Wonder admitted in an interview that he enjoyed his synthesis and explained that he named his piece purple melody With that name because when you hear the raga you see purple. Pharrell Williams also joined the group and explained that yellow and orange sorbet with mustard accents are the colors that represent their success Happy, Lady Gaga He also has synesthesia. In addition, characters like Kanye WestO! Jimi Hendrix Those who claim to feel colors and shapes while making or listening to music, which they appreciate as their inspiration.

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