This is the best exercise to strengthen and give volume to the ass and you have to do it like this


There are many exercises to improve the buttocks, and they include strides or LungsDeep squat, deadlift… however, to tone and shape them, hip thrust It’s the most effective exercise, experts agree.

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Walking is always good no matter the exercise, but some are more effective than others when done with the right technique. There is some discussion about which of them is best for shape up buttocks, “Several studies, one of the latest from 2020, determine that deep squat It has become the most active exercise or where muscle mass affects the gluteus the most, but it costs a lot more to reach that potential than to develop that deep squat. make good hip thrust, That’s why we trainers have concluded that it is one of the most important exercises, if not the best, for gaining strength and improving activity”, says Howard Rojas, coach Strength and hybrid training specialist.

We must remember, experts say, that when we sit, the weight of the entire body rests on the buttocks—a large part of the day, especially in sedentary jobs—. “There is a lot of amnesia in the buttocks because lives in detail When we are lying down or resting. That is, there is no continuous activity in it. It’s a muscle that costs a lot to be active, even during training”, he insists. The benefits of working in the field go beyond beauty. “That’s one of the concerns. It is more widespread today among all those who train, and especially among women”, indicates coach,

What is that hip thrust,

“It’s about a Exercises Where a Strong Hip Emphasis Is Made, This is one of those movements where the gluteus is overstretched due to the shorter range of travel and the weight you can lift”, explains Rojas. According to the trainer, it is essential, a large participation of the lower trainas can be seen in this video power explosive, One of the great originators of correct exercise technique. “chances of increase load This allows us to move more forward than in a deep squat, as there is less travel. It can be a great adjunct to the squat, taking it as a core and enhancing it with other exercises, such as the glute bridge,” says Rojas. That’s why it’s popularly known. Ultimate Exercise for the Donkey,

Why are you involved?

even if we want to show some shine
Even though we want to show off toned buttocks this summer, exercises to strengthen this body area also help stabilize the pelvis and spine, and have more power in explosive gestures.Shutterstock

“It works very well gluteus maximus and mediusand causes a great activation with lots of synergy of the quadriceps and hamstrings [un grupo muscular en la pierna constituido por bceps femoral, semimembranoso y semitendinoso], and also essence Or the abdominal region is very involved in giving stability to the bar and controlling the entire movement while making ascending and descending”, he deepens.

What do you need to run it?

First, about a bank 35 40 cm from the ground, “It needs to be firm, so it’s better that it stays close to the wall to provide stability and we don’t fall behind,” advises Rojas. The shoulder blades should be slightly off the bench and the bar should be well supported in the middle of the hip. “Generally, a pad is recommended so that you don’t injure your hip bones.”

is about practice Push the bar forward and down. “Take a breath and extend the hips until you feel you are able to contract the gluteus to the maximum. Before adding to the movement, try holding it for a second. With more fatigue, do a little less without touching the ground and repeat”.

A note from Rojas: “It’s important keep your eyes on your knees and active stomachso that the tension does not decrease and the sides do not wobble”. The correct repetition would be when the two discs touch the ground at the same time. “If you want more intensity you can keep elastic band on legs to push out more knees. This way, you’ll also activate the gluteus medius and gain more momentum at the same time. Thus we can reach 20% more activity”.

How much do I load the bar?

The gluteus is one of the most powerful muscles in the human body, with great capacity to lift weights. “However, it is also important to know that it is composed Mostly by slow fibers (65%) That’s why it’s important to combine low-repetitive work, but high loads and, on the other hand, moderate loads and high amounts of repetitions. So that we create fatigue that stimulates muscle growth”, says Jalia Ndocki Ribas, Bachelor of Physical Activity and Sports Sciences, personal trainer and technician in Metropolitan’s Physical Activity Division.

It’s important to remember that it’s best to do a variety of setups to work the muscles. between three and five exercises, depending on the intensity, both instructors slide. “This will prevent overloading and balanced muscle development. In general terms, a single exercise can be considered a mistake”, says Ndocki Ribas.

difference in content

Metropolitan Coach says that, depending on the purpose we’re looking for, we can offer materials like kettlebells, elastic bands or even dumbbells. Moreover, it is an exercise that can be performed with only body weight. “execute it be intense enough on one leg for some people. Turning it into a traditional calisthenics exercise that we can do anywhere without the use of materials.”

  • hip thrustWith elastic band: Thanks to their ability to put resistance into our movements and maximize the work of our bodies, these elastic tensions greatly help strengthen our muscles. “Physical work with an elastic band is nothing more than a tug of war between the body and the rubber, which forces us to use our strength to perform any movement,” says the expert.
  • hip thrust Thief Kettlebell: Kettlebell is a material that, thanks to its ergonomics, makes movements convenient. “It’s a smaller volume than a loaded Olympic bar, which means we can perform precise, sweeping movements, with less impact on the spine, because we’ll be mobilizing (probably) less time. Plus “Having this very special design, it becomes a very dynamic element that allows us to capture and manipulate it much more easily”, describes Ndocky Ribas.
  • hip thrust with bar: This option is most popular among those who practice this exercise. “Since the gluteus is a very strong muscle group, over time, as we gain more strength, it is necessary to train with greater intensity, and an Olympic bar allows us to work that way. It also helps us to improve our coordination and balance.

Why are they more worried?

Working the butt is important for both women and men. but because of current principles of beauty, It is clear that girls put more effort and dedication into specific training of the buttocks than men, assure both trainers. “To this we should add to this the greater concern of women trying to avoid the accumulation of fat in certain areas of the body, and the misconception that localized work helps us reduce localized fat”, explains Ndocki Ribas.

Cellulite affects about 90% of women. those reasons? Basically two: genetics and hormones. “Cellulite is typically related to women because of estrogen, which is known as the female hormone. These hormones, produced in the ovaries, include The distribution of body fat, defining the female silhouette, Accumulating excess fat, and this is mainly manifested in the hips, buttocks and chest of women”.

simple mistake

Howard Rojas explains what he looks forward to the most in the gym and he emphasizes on improving his strength programming.

  • Number one is lack of hip thrust. “Yes We Don’t Extend Too Far We Don’t Maximize Glute Contraction And you lose the profit.
  • Another common mistake lie down on the bench, “If we lie down we become inactive at abdominal and lumbar level, and thus it is difficult to reach a good threshold.”
  • No keep your feet hip-width apart, “The starting position should be out at most.”
  • Is Bench too high or too low. “The norm is 35-40 centimeters, as we mentioned, so as not to be uncomfortable and not lose concentration on the movement,” says Rojas.
  • do not have apnea on time To Push “It’s very likely that if we’re not breathing well, the gluteus won’t contract in the same way.”
  • don’t wait for a second between repetitions, because it takes time for the muscles to activate. “That second is the key, it brings a lot of benefit to the concentric part.”
  • don’t use pads, “Hip pain can distract us from correct execution. Mats are good for cushioning but take up too much, so I recommend my students in the Iron Legs program, which focuses on the foot, to always do this.” hip thrust With the pad, which is designed perfectly for the bar,” concluded Howard Rojas.

how to set up training

improvement or progress What we can do with a training program will depend on the frequency with which we carry it out, on the load we are able to raise by assimilating the work done correctly, and on its duration. “The important thing is consistency in training, and respecting the rest days between sessions, whether we are people who are not well suited to exercise or experience,” says the Metropolitan Trainer.

The lower the intensity of the exercises performed, the more times we can perform them. “The ideal would be to find an intensity that allows us to exercise with a weekly frequency. 2-3 sessions,

according to the norms of

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