This smart ring from Gucci costs around 1,000 euros


They claim that it is also more accurate than smart watches as it fits more tightly and the sensors are closer to the skin.

The new smart ring weighs four grams.
The new smart ring weighs four
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Haute couture and technology regularly go hand in hand. Device cases, special edition phones and tablets, smartwatch straps… this time Almost everything has been experienced.

Gucci’s latest bet goes in the same direction, but with one of the most discreet wearable electronics products on the market. The Tuscan brand has designed a special edition of Ora’s smart ring, which is decorated with 18 carat gold and the house logo.

Ring, which is paired with an app on an iPhone or Android phone, It is capable of measuring many parameters that smart watches also measure.such as heart rate, physical activity index, or body temperature.

Its author says that it is even More accurate than smart watches because it fits more tightly And the sensors are close to the skin. To measure the pulses, it uses a sensor that detects blood flow in the arteries of the ring finger rather than in the veins of the wrist.

ring weight 4 grams And can also measure sleep quality. It is charged on a special cradle, which is similar to a Qi wireless charging cradle for phones, and It enjoys autonomy of about one week., Since the exact size of the ring varies from person to person and the fit is permanent, not like a watch strap, Ora first sends out a fitting kit to take the wearer’s measurements.

The basic version of the device sold by Ora costs around €300, but is linked to a subscription service of €3 per month that includes access to historical data and interpretation of the various data collected.

Gucci’s version is three times more expensive. Its price is 950 euros. isBut it does include a lifetime subscription to the monthly support service.

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