Thousands of Palestinians bid farewell to Al Jazeera journalist at tense funeral in Jerusalem


Israeli police confront participants in the funeral procession of Shirin Abu Akleh, who was killed this Wednesday in Jenin, where armed conflict has resumed today

Palestinians wear atas
Palestinians carry the coffin of the slain Al Jazeera journalist today.AFP
  • Near East Al Jazeera journalist killed in an Israeli military raid in northern West Bank

Thousands of Palestinians have attended the funeral of Al Jazeera journalist Shirin Abu Aqleh, marked by tension, outrage and some clashes with Israeli police in East Jerusalem. Meanwhile, Israel and the Palestinian National Authority (PNA) raised allegations – and investigations – around his death last Wednesday when he was covering a raid in the yen. An agent of an Israeli police counter-terrorism unit has been killed in a fresh armed confrontation with Islamic Jihad’s militias in a region north of the West Bank this Friday.

At the center of the controversy is the investigation into the origins of the bullet that ended the life of a well-known and experienced reporter. While the Palestinian leadership, like Al Jazeera, accuses Israeli soldiers of what it calls “cold-blooded murder”, Israel says its initial military reports cannot establish that Abu Aqleh was killed by any of its soldiers or terrorists. had gone. at the Jenin refugee camp and regret that the ANP has refused to cooperate with the joint investigation.

The tension going on for the last few days Clashes outside St. Joseph’s Hospital in East Jerusalem where his body lay until his burial in East Jerusalem. Israeli police accused the participants of the funeral procession who were carrying the Palestinian flag with batons. Abu Akleh’s coffin almost ended up on the ground. While the Palestinians denounced the “attack by captured agents” at the beginning of the funeral march, Israeli police confirmed that before that moment “rioters had started pelting stones at policemen from the French hospital square, and hurled stones at policemen”. was forced to implement”.

For thousands of Palestinians wishing to accompany one of their most admired journalists on a final visit to the Christian cemetery in Jerusalem, there is no doubt who was responsible for his death.

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