Threats to Burjasot minor: “If they center us because of you, you’re going to fuck yourself”


The alleged victim of a group sexual assault in Valencia claims to be “afraid” of possible retaliation

The three minors who were initially detained were released on probation last May.
The three minors who were initially detained were released on probation last May.World
  • process Minor convicted of multiple rapes in Burjasot withdraws charges against three detainees but implicates three more youths
  • newspaper library Five minors detained for alleged rape of two girls in Burjasot have been released on probation

“Seven printed pages with part of the conversation on Instagram, as well as one page containing what was obtained by WhatsApp.” With “threats” like the following: “Yeah, you’re being slandered when it’s not our fault you’re a whore and pass your video and your fault we have to pay for it because you only need to know about K I’m warned if they only warn about K because of you in the center of America accuse you that you’re going to kill the bitch, they’re going to kill you, not going to be normal”.

Lines like these are the ones he receives the least on his social networks a, who condemned an alleged mass sexual assault on 16 May burjasoto (Valencia)—another minor was also allegedly raped—after which five minors were arrested and a few days later, an adult. This Thursday, the minor’s defense sent a judicial document in which he acquitted three detainees and, at the same time, requested “recognition” and the identification of three more persons. And last May 24, a week after the first complaint, the minor’s lawyer, Manuela Muoz Sánchez (Vanguard Counsel), He presented the second because of the “threats he has received since he denounced sexual assault committed by multiple men”.

On WhatsApp, for example, I received this: “You and your partner have to report the bullshit lie that no one has violao you will like it, you are fucking hotties and yes I want you and your friends I see you, I will spoil your mouth”. And a video also circulated in which “a conversation takes place in which the names and surnames of the complainant and two of his friends can be fully heard.” On this, the minors say that “the voices are manipulated, because the original conversation does not match the conversation that has reached the slanderer”.

“When asked about this, she says she fears they will carry out her threats,” the complaint that refers to A states. and that “given that all the attackers are of the Roma ethnic group and that he is unaware that they may have links with the Roma who live in the city streamWherever they come from, afraid of possible retaliation.” The minor also states that “she did not respond to any insults or threats”, and that “in a WhatsApp conversation she asked who was the person who texted her, because The number they wrote to you does not belong to any of your contacts in your address book”.

a. The defense indicates that a “resurrection” may be taking place and also that the minor is “not receiving psychological treatment” three weeks after the alleged multiple sexual assault. Revitalization that would have happened even if they were not allowed to file a second complaint “in the police station” National District Police Corps-Ruzafain Valencia”, where “some uniformed agents have told him that it would be better for him to go to the police station where he initially denounced the facts giving rise to these threats”.

In other words, they will return to Burjasot, where they live as minors who are on probation and who have allegedly gang-raped. There is also an order to ban it from May 20. The place where, according to sources consulted by this newspaper, “the minor A. was reluctant to go.” Mom “came to call the police departments” [de Burjassot]To know about the steps to be followed to file this complaint, where he told him that he can file a complaint in any police station of National Police Corps as well as Civil Guard or Guard Court.

Nothing happened as it was admitted for processing neither in Torrente nor in Ruzafa and that forced the minor and his mother to go to the scene again. For the same reasons, A’s defense points to the fact that it took several days to present the judicial brief that on Thursday three minors were released on probation and three more men were implicated, of which it is currently unknown. whether they are big. or minor. On the other hand, the adult who was arrested on Wednesday has already been released, but with a restraining order for the minor, despite the fact that in his last statement, the latter claimed not to identify him as an assailant. had claimed.

Regarding the first complaint of “sexual harassment” on May 17, according to the documentation EL Mundo had access to. It is recorded that “minor A also met minor A, through Instagram application about a week ago, after meeting with him on 14th, another girl named C was attending the same appointment , was meeting the same person the day.”

And he continues: “That all three together went to the Burjasot-Godela metro station, where A. [vctima de la violacin no grupal] I dated three people I met on Instagram and who I had seen the day before.”

Two days later, “At about 4:00 PM, A and A meet again (…) on their way to Burjasot station where they had agreed to meet I and L, the boys arriving a few minutes later.”

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