Three firefighters injured, one critical, and thousands evicted in Pujera fire: “The wind is expected to change this afternoon”

  • Fire in the Sierra Bermeja Soldiers continue the fight against the declared forest fire in Pujera at dawn

arrears of Declaration of fire in PujeraMálaga, this Wednesday, leaves three injured forest firefighters tonight, one of them with severe burns to 25% of the body, and several dozen residents have been evacuated from different parts of Málaga municipality Benahavs, In the first 12 hours of this new fire ravaging the Sierra Bermeja, 500 people have already moved into the area to work on the extinction work, and tonight more than a hundred soldiers Ume,

injured firefighters, Two of them suffered minor burns and one suffered severe burns. They were fighting hand in hand to put out the raging flames burning the mountain when they were shocked by the fire. After the accident, they were to be airlifted and those who suffered the worst were transferred directly to the burn unit of the regional hospital in Málaga, as confirmed by the chairman of the board from the command post in Benhavs this Wednesday. was done. Andalusian, Juanma Moreno.

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firefighter who continues In critical condition, though with no fear for his life25 percent of his body has been burnt. “The fire came from behind with the change of the wind”, explained on Cadena Ser, deputy representative of the government in Málaga, Javier Salasofirst thing in the morning.

Has been optimistic about Salas’ growth sierra bermeja fireHowever, he has warned that the fire is still out of control and the fire is unpredictable. “It was possible to work well from the ground during the night because the westerly wind, very warm, has subsided a bit”, he explained. “We anticipate that as soon as the dawn comes and air means are included, there will be a significant progress in fire That night has been awesome”.

Sierra Bermeja M Fire
Fire brigade members are trying to douse the fire.Esther Gummez

“Everything signals that the weather is about to change”He insisted, “At noon the air turns into a lift and it can be expected that this lift will bring that fire front closer.” Benahavs Wait and go back and support the fire control. The change of wind will bring the fire back to an area already burned and affected by last year’s Sierra Bermeja fire, although the government’s deputy representative cannot rule out new evacuations.

3,000 withdrawals

Given the magnitude of the fire and the direction it was headed, it was first decided this Wednesdayeviction of residential areas of Montmayor, Marbella Club and Benhavs Hills, But the forecast for the night was not good and it was decided to evacuate the urban area of ​​Málaga city of Benhavs due to forecasts about the change of wind.

According to the mayor of Benhavs, Jose Antonio Mena, 2,500 to 3,000 residents have been evicted and the municipal tent of San Pedro Alcantara has been set up to house residents who need it.

Members of the local police, civil defense and emergencies went door-to-door, microphone in hand, asking neighbors to leave the municipality in a maximum of an hour. Many of them, although residents of Spain British people who barely understand any Spanish And they remained in a state of “shock” in a situation they claimed they neither understood nor expected. Such is the case of Sharon Robinson, who, along with her daughters and some relatives, was waiting in front of the police station for a taxi to take her to San Pedro, where they were supposed to live.

John Y Helen Winstonley They were with Cath Whatley and Betty Fuchs in the street near their vehicles in which they packed suitcases with some of their belongings. They have two apartments in Benhavs and came to spend a few days in the Costa del Sol. After notification from the authorities, he remarked, amid terrified laughter, that he never thought he would have to leave the house and was grateful for the good work of the civilian guard, police and Spanish emergency teams coordinating the evacuation. .

Neighbors of Benahavi
The residents of Benhav prepare their cars for eviction.EFE

for its part, Olga Lamasso She has been living in Benhavs for two years, where – she assures – they have welcomed her very well from the start and although she expected it to be nothing, she was scared because she didn’t know what to expect. , nor how long it will last. On the other hand, when he saw the column of black smoke rising behind the mountains in front of his house, he thought that if the fire was not extinguished soon, they would eject them. However he thought it would be much later and the evacuation notice – like most – took him by surprise. He took a few things, he remarked, and smiled compulsively and rubbed his hands as he explained that he had probably taken “the least useful, pajamas for the night, some clothes for tomorrow, the cell phone charger”, however. Yes, a folder with all your important papers.

was in a similar situation lovero vosero who was convinced that nothing was going to happen when he put his daughter’s car, some clothes and baby food in the trunk of the car – parked next to a bus full of neighbors waiting for his wife to leave town and the child came out.

Another resident of Benhavs, Juan Francisco lvarez, was getting ready to leave his home, from the emergency he told him not to worry that the eviction was only for prevention and he trusted that it would happen, although he knew. That the flames were “somewhat out of control”. “Now it’s time to wait and see what happens, there is no other option,” he concluded.

“What didn’t burn last year will burn now”

After 00.00 pm, there has been a New coordination meeting at Forward Command Post Located in Benahvis. A fire broke out in Pujera municipality at 3:19 pm and has affected an area called resinan area inaccessible by land and with a dense grove of chestnut trees, through which “few people walk and in which there are no lanes or anything,” explained the Pujera Forest firefighter, Francisco Morales, las high temperature Recorded on this day, added to terrestrial air, With a speed of 40 km/h, they make extinction difficult.

As of 3:00 p.m., emergency telephone number 112 answered more than thirty calls from neighbors, in which a large column of smoke was reported to have been sighted in a pine forest area between municipalities. priest, Benahavs, Estepona You JubrikIn Sierra Bermeja. As per the latest available perimeter, the fire affects the municipal limits Pujera and Jazkar. Last September the shadow of the fire—essentially—the forest firefighters of the Jenal Valley hovered over the memory and all alarms went off.

At 5:05 pm, Acting Representative of the Junta de Andaluca in Málaga, Carmen Cesaro, Active Level 1 of the Emergency Plan for Forest Fires, which was raised to Level 2 at 8:05 pm, for which the Military Emergency Unit (UME) was mobilized.

Sierra Bermeja Fire
Emergency systems unit technicians fly over the Sierra Bermeja fire with drones.infoca

Thus, two units of the Military Emergency Unit emerged from the Morne Military Base (Seville) and are adding resources until this Thursday morning, reaching 233 soldiers stationed in the area of ​​​​fire with 94 vehicles. work doesn’t stop Altogether about 500 people work in fire extinction and coordination, Along with the work of ground mates, technicians from the Emergency Systems Unit, they are flying over the perimeter with the drone, to support the tasks of monitoring its development, as reported by Infoca.

As reported by the Forest Fire Service of Andalusia, the emergency systems unit’s technicians are fly around the perimeter with a droneTo support the functions of monitoring the development of fires.

How and where the fire started is not yet known. “The wind was very strong and the flames were out of control,” the mayor of priest, Francisco Macaques, whose municipal tenure has caught fire and one of the towns whose neighbors had to be evicted in the last month of September. and that “The hectares that were not burnt last year are going to burn now”, When he saw the mountain burning again, he remarked with regret.

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