Three killed and three injured in a new mass shooting in the US


The shooting took place in Smithsburg, rural Maryland, according to its governor.

Three killed in new mass shooting in the United StatesWorld
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Maryland (United States) Governor Larry Hogan told this Thursday that Three killed in new mass shooting in SmithsburgIn a rural area of ​​this state on the country’s Atlantic coast.

For its part, the Washington County Sheriff’s Office, where Smithsburg is located, also said the shooting had taken place. Left three injured: one victim “seriously injured” One suspect and one policeman on the spot.

On its Facebook page, the commissioner’s office details that The accused fled from the scene of the incident. But police found him in his vehicle, at which point an officer and the suspect “They exchanged shots.”

“Both were injured and taken to medical attention. Several federal agencies, including the FBI and ATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives) have responded to assist with the investigation of the incident. There is no threat.” Active confirmation to the community regarding this incident,” the post said.

Meanwhile, local media reported that the shooting must have taken place in a factory.

The new fatal shooting comes at a time when the debate over gun control has returned to the fore after a mass shooting in the US. Buffalo Supermarket (New York) and at a school in Uvalde (Texas).

Later, 19 children died – most of them 10 years old – and two teachers.

A few hours ago, this Thursday, the United States House of Representatives voted in favor of a legislative initiative that allows the activation of a legal procedure for confiscation of firearms To those who may represent a danger to others or to themselves.

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