Three killed in a frontal crash near Biscus (Huesca)


Two people have been injured in the incident, one of whom is in critical condition, who has been evacuated safely by helicopter.

Agents of Civil Guard in Traffic Control
Civil Guard Agent in Traffic Control.Javier Barabancho

Three people have died in a traffic accident this Saturday on the A-136 within the municipality of Huesca city. Partiality, As confirmed by government sources Aragani and Civil Guard.

In the incident, apparently two people were injured in the front collision, one of whom is in a serious condition, who has been safely evacuated by 112 helicopter. Zaragoza.

Relief work has forced one lane of the A-136 to be cut, causing retention in the area.

The identity and origin of the victims are currently unknown and the circumstances of the incident are under investigation.

According to the above sources and eyewitnesses, quoted by Heraldo.S, The accident happened this Saturday evening at around 5.30 pm at an altitude of 6,700 km. Bubble Swamp. Apparently, for unknown reasons, two passenger cars have collided head-on in a section along a curve.

Fire tenders have been sent to the spot provincial fire service You Defense of the Huesca Provincial CouncilApart from agents of civil guards and health workers.

The work to release the victims has been going on for a long time due to the complexity of the work, causing traffic jams on the highway, one of the main roads leading to the prison. Aragonese Pyrenees.

Similarly, the A-136 has been cut off for traffic, although an alternate lane has already been opened later.

Three people were killed and two others were injured in the accident.

Considering the severity of the injuries, one of them submitted, 112 helicopters were mobilized to move him. Miguel Cervet Hospital of Zaragoza.

According to statistics from the General Directorate of Traffic, with these three dead, Huesca province roads have claimed 13 lives this year, two more than in the same period last year and six more than in 2019; No data was made available for 2020 due to the pandemic lockdown.

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