Three teens arrested for beheading 15-year-old girl in Guatemala


The minors belong to the “Barrio 18” gang known for blackmailing company employees

Police in Guatemalafernando lazaro
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three teensaged 14 to 17, members of 18th Neighborhood GangWhile detained in the capital of Guatemala 15 year old girl beheadedThe police gave this information on Saturday.

Police spokesman Jorge Aguilar told reporters that the girls were found “beheading a 15-year-old girl” Friday night in a building north of Guatemala City.

“Police officers patrolling the area heard screams and immediately started searching the building from which they had come. cry for help“, Aguilar said. They broke into the building when the crime was committed: one of them grabbed the victim and the other recorded from your mobile phone”, said the spokesperson, who specified that despite the intervention of the police, the victim died on the spot.

team barrio 18like your opponent mara salvatruchais specialized in blackmail companies and bus companies killing of employees Those who refuse to pay the money demanded. Gangs and drug trafficking activities are responsible for about 50% of the 3,500 violent deaths recorded each year in Guatemala.

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