Thus 44,787 places of the largest public employment offer are distributed


The historic offer of public employment with 44,787 places approved by the government last week will allow not only to face mass retirement, as defined by the Ministry of Public Functions itself, but to enable the wider workforce of public servants to keep growing. to make too. It won’t do it for large numbers, or at least not when compared to 3.4 million public payroll Which, according to the latest Active Population Survey (EPA), pays for 16.6 million public jobs in Spain, which must be supported by these salaries – and pensions as well.

But, in any case, the proposal would create 5,000 net new jobs, and that would happen if public employment had already grown strongly during the crisis caused by the pandemic. It was required by extraordinary circumstances, and the executive has maintained its commitment to continue to grow the public workforce,

Of the approximately 45,000 locations that we offer, we include Free job offers, internal promotions and even stabilization, later more than 10,000 seats. In addition, the government has added the posts of General State Administration (AGE), which are assigned to state security forces and bodies and also those of administration of justice. It is not common to move proposals with this total number or, at least, unions always do it because they are separate fields. But the executive did so in order to be able to transfer a new senior, although if only the places assigned to AGE are taken, the figure exceeds 30,000 places and remains equally historic.

Overall the figures were satisfactory to unions, who are now demanding that the Minister of Finance and Public Administration, Maria Jess Monteiro, sit down to negotiate a pay hike. it will happen soon If the three year plan is implemented,

The unions have already advanced in this negotiation that they will demand Not only maintain purchasing power but also recover What, they confirm, have been lost by civil servants and government servants. The Central Independent Trade Union and Civil Servants (CSIF) estimated losses of up to 15% from 2010 and although this figure was reduced with former minister Cristóbal Montoro, he points out, the loss of purchasing power again in recent years. have to lift.

Fuente: BOE (Official State Gazette) and Ministry of Finance and Public Administration.

information: Danielle Via and Elsa Martin

Infographic: elsa martin

art direction: Maria Gonzalez Manteca.

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