Thus coexistence in Madrid Institute has improved into a leading program in conflict mediation


The initiative of this user institute has been resolving differences between students through dialogues for over 25 years, leading to a remarkable improvement in co-existence in this educational community.

Students are divided into assistants and moderators and work in pairs to mediate disagreements among other students.
Students are divided into assistants and moderators and work in pairs to mediate disagreements among other

The popular proverb is full of proverbs ranging from that which says that people understand by speaking one who prays Red once better than a hundred yellow,

IES is located in Pradolongo, in the neighborhood of the same name in the Usera districtWell aware of the meaning of these phrases, and not just theoretical.

and that In this institute they are facilitating understanding among the students for over 25 years and a. betting on dialogue with Leading Conflict Mediation ProgramWhich contributes to an atmosphere of respect and harmony among the members of the educational community.

beginning of thought. resulted from Isabel Fernandez, a teacher who adapted the techniques American high school arbitration in our context.

High school conflict rates in the 1990s made them think that student participation It will contribute to improving coexistence and it was so.

The alleged reform encouraged the creation of a permanent arbitration team, which has been upheld this time, reports Irene Sanchez, current coordinator of the group.

The fundamental pillar of the project is Training in emotional intelligence and assertive communication.

is about Provide teens with emotional management tools and communication skills To resolve conflicts in a communicative and non-violent manner.

acquired skills support students for lifeContributing to a more humane social treatment and maintaining their mental health, Sanchez explains.

climate of coexistence

The program’s effects are obvious, as the implementation of this method has reduced conflict to the extent that Five years ago they had to train arbiters with fake problemsBecause hardly any were real.

One of the best parts of the initiative is that it helps Recognize your own and others’ feelingsTo trace and communicate the stages of a conflict, giving students a sense of belonging that benefits them greatly.

Disagreements mediated by students may not be serious or exceed their ability to deal with them.

sometimes Jealousy arises when there is a change in the group of friendsOther times what is interpreted as a bad look gives rise to conflict, shows Sanchez.

cases are varied, but Special work has been done to curb rumoursSeveral times on the basis of discussion.

Although The main function of the mediator is to be an agent of respect inside and outside the classroom.Perhaps the most visible mediation are those in which they participate in pairs.

first they explain Rules (don’t interrupt, don’t raise your voice and be respectful of others).

Then they listen to both versions and seek through questions to understand the conflictTrying to get the parties to express themselves and say what they need and what they are committed to.

Later, Everything is collected in a record, which is kept in the head of study And, if necessary, it is revised in a week or two.

trust space

It is rarely necessary to return, as in IES Pradolongo they have verified that When given a place of trust to sit and talk, misunderstandings are dispelled, The method works, but the clock matters:

You have to arrive on time because if the conflict escalates then something bigger could happen that is more difficult to manage, warns the coordinator.

In addition, in the center We work with environmental friends to let them know they can set fires with their behaviorwhich is not correct.

for colinaThe middle student, who is currently in her second year of high school, reassured that the experience was turning out to be positive because of the people she met, the feeling that persists when resolving a conflict and the atmosphere of trust in the groupA safe environment you can trust assures.

24-year-old psychologist Shourie Molina left the institute in 2015But he keeps great memories of his participation in the program.

Many conflicts were based on non-verbal communication. some other time, Problems revived from the past, infantilizedAs if someone has taken away a friend from you, he remembers.

Molina then evolved Skills Like Active Listening, I Didn’t Learn to Judge Without Knowing Avoid leaning towards one part of what happens and aspire to neutrality.

according to the norms of

trust project

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