Tiktok will also remind users to take breaks


The user will be able to set up the notification and configure the length of time that must be passed for it to appear.

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expand tiktok health facilities Your mobile application with a reminder that will urge users to take a break from the social network, a function that already exists instagram To help manage usage time.

The technology company will soon introduce two new tools with which it hopes to help users form “positive digital habits” in their use of the social network, so that they can “feel like they are in control of their experience”,

One of these innovations follows in the footsteps of the ‘Take a Breath’ function that Instagram introduced in its application in December, and which arrived in Spain in February. In the case of TIC Toc‘Screen Time Break’ notifies users when they have uninterrupted use for a certain period of time.

The user will be able to set up the notification and configure the period of time that must pass before it appears 10, 20 or 30 minutes of screen usage optionsAlthough it is also possible to manually enter a period of time, as explained in a statement.

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this function will come “over the next few weeks”And with it there will be a new Screen Time panel where the user can review the daily time spent on the application, the number of times opened, and day and night usage.

The Safety Center will also introduce a new guide, How can I consider my digital wellness with my family and friends?With which he hopes that the user community is aware of the way they spend their time connected to the Internet.

for underage usersThe platform will offer weekly digital reminders, and when they’ve used the app for more than 100 minutes in a single day, they’ll see a message reminding them of the Screen Time Limit tool the next time they open the app.

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