Tinder sues Google for monopoly and Google threatens to remove its ‘app’ from Android Store


The lawsuit comes as part of a legal battle by Match, Epic Games and other companies to force Google parent Alphabet and iPhone maker Apple to loosen control of their respective app stores.

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match groupparent company of tinderfiled suit on Monday in federal court of San Francisco accuse Google abuse of monopoly power play storephone app store Android,

The lawsuit comes as part of an ongoing battle match, epic games and to force other companies Alphabetmatrix of Googlealready Appleproducer of iPhoneTo relax the controls of their respective application stores.

match suit comes after Google will change the rules play store It requires that its family of applications must use the internet giant’s payment system, which charges up to 30% for transactions, court documents show.

“a death sentence”

Google Struggle removing apps match from play store If they do not comply with the criterion, they assure the match at trial, and predict that such punishment would be “the death penalty”.

“It is a case of strategic manipulation of markets, unfulfilled promises and abuse of power,” denounces match on demand.

Google It has not commented on the lawsuit, but has defended its store fees, arguing they are in line with industry standards and reasonable for operating a secure global platform that delivers digital content.

Whereas app Store is the only gateway to install content on mobile devices from AppleSmartphone or tablet users Android You may download the application from outside platforms at your own risk play store from Google,

demand for match The argument is that, despite having the option, the device user Android they use play store More than 90% time to install material.

match asks the court to order Google Allow bypassing billing system play store in your applications. It also requests compensation for pecuniary damages and legal fees, the amount of which has not been specified.

In-demand applications include OkCupid, plenty of fish You tinder,

‘Lobby’ for regulation of ‘apps’ market

match, epic games and other companies have come together to form lobby For a fair market.

Apple has also clashed in court with the creator of Fortnite, epic gameswho has tried to undermine the control of Apple Feather app Storeand accused him of operating a monopoly on the store.

In November, a federal judge ordered Apple Make your payment options more flexible app Storebut said that Epic It was not able to prove that antitrust rules were violated.

CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, questioned the measures to regulate the shop in April. He did so in an unusual speech in Washington where he argued that the new rules could jeopardize the privacy of Internet users. iPhone,

“We are deeply concerned about regulations that would undermine privacy and security to target another target,” Cook said in a meeting. International Association of Privacy Professionals,

according to the norms of

trust project

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