To defend candidate espadas, Pedro Sánchez announces a law to prevent public health from “privatizing”


PSOE organizes its biggest event in Kratama. About 3,500 people attend, many of them displaced in a dozen buses.

Juan Espadas and Pedro S.
Juan Espadas and Pedro Sanchez, this Saturday in Cratama.lavaro cabreraEFE
  • Andalusian landscape The trial of PSOE’s 9 is played in the impregnable socialist fortress Dos Hermanas in which Felipe gathers 25,000 people
  • 19-Ju Sánchez premiered PSOE’s new strategy in Andalusia, selling economic and social achievements against the “noisy” PP.

This weekend, once again, Pedro Sánchez stands up to his actions as the government’s president, in the midst of a crisis with Algeria, to fully engage in the electoral campaign for the Andalusian elections to be held on 19 June. have make.

It is the fifth consecutive weekend when the Secretary General of the PSOE comes to the rescue and tries to promote the socialist candidate for the presidency of the Junta de Andaluca, Juan Espadas, at a rally since the election was called. He has already done in Torredelcampo (January), Granada, Dos Hermanas (Seville) and Cuevas de Almanzora (Almera). This Saturday it is the turn of Kartama (Mlaga). The elections for the PSOE in Andaluca do not look good and paint a picture of stagnation similar to the results obtained by Susana Daz in the 2018 elections, when the socialists lost the Junta de Andaluca after four consecutive decades in power.

In a suffocating heat and with fans in the audience, Pedro Sánchez has announced that the next Council of Ministers will approve a law to prevent the “privatization” of public health. As he explained, this is meant to “shield” the “equality, solidarity and universality” of public health and thus protect, as he said, from governments the “rights” of autonomous communities.

Precisely in Andalusia, the previous Andalusian governments, the PSOE, established several millionaire agreements with private clinics for the health care of patients. The province of Cediz had the largest concert with the Pascual Clinic, which is maintained in this legislature by the PP and the new Andalusian government of Ciudadanos.

However, Pedro Sánchez has claimed that only a leftist government like his, in alliance with United We Can, “strengthens” the welfare state and opposes the PP government’s “cuts” in “response to the financial crisis”. Is. “With the injection of 8,000 million to the communities promoted by his executive. Rajoy transferred the funds with interest, we are completely defeated, that is the solidarity of this government,” he said.

In addition to the Swords, the PSOE Act in Cretama was attended by the Minister of Finance, Maria Jess Monteiro, and the Minister of Science, Diana Morant. Luis Salvador, the former mayor of Ciudadanos de Granada, now in the socialist ranks, has also been seen.

a dozen buses

It was the largest rally organized by socialists in the Andalusian election campaign. According to the organisers, around 3,500 people have attended. About 2,000 people attended the event held at the Dos Hermanas Socialist Fortress on 28 May. However, to fill the square in the city of Málaga, PSOE has had to resort to bus transporting its supporters. Eight to ten buses have reached the site, reports Esther Gummez,

With the motto “If we vote, we win”, Pedro Sánchez has defended that “all the best” that has come to Andalusia in 40 years of democracy is “shake hands with PSOE”, which has governed almost this region. 37 years.

“There will be those who criticize that we haven’t done everything” while the Socialists ruled, “but the best and greatest progress in Andalusia has come from the PSOE. Others are neither in opposition nor on behalf of the government now. anything done” board, Sanchez announced.


Meanwhile Juan Espadas has tried to win the trust of the youth. About 300,000 new voters go to the polls for the first time in these elections, and their vote can be decisive. The socialist candidate for the presidency of the board has asked him not to shy away from “fashion”, which in this election call, according to polls, is accompanied by Vox, the populist right-wing party led by Santiago Abascal. Which survey gives a strong growth.

Juan Espadas offers young people that the first job opportunity is a “right, tax incentives donated from parents to children so they can access a home or start a business, with professional training in the labor market”. be connected”, plus resources for more Andalusian public universities, which he has condemned are suffering “attacks” of authority.

The first job opportunity for the youth promised by PSOE implies that the final year of training is practical in a company. “This will be the great revolution in Andalusia, to create 100,000 jobs for young people, allocating the necessary resources”, Swords highlighted.

“We must crush the unbearable rate of youth unemployment, build a bridge between training and the labor market and for this we will entitle the youth to the first job opportunity with a great alliance between the public and private sectors. and with the support of the University, to identify jobs that are not being filled due to lack of qualified training, professional but public training and equal opportunities”, defended the socialist candidate for 19-J.

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