Tomavistas: ‘Rigobertazo’ clears up Spanish pop’s great night at Tomavistas Festival


Rigoberta Bandini’s victory in Madrid’s return to the festival after the pandemic, having reserved its first night for new Spanish stars such as Alizez, San Senra or Kamido’s ‘All Star’.

Rigoberta Bandini, This Thursday at the Tomavistas Festival
Rigoberta Bandini, This Thursday at the Tomavistas FestivalXavier Rose
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There are two ways to deal with the Chronicle about the return of the long-awaited Tomavista Festival after a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic.

The first – and most appealing – complaint is. So far, Tomavista’s three main claims were the efficiency of the organization, its location in a beautiful city park, and its dates: mid-May, the start of the festive season, when Madrid claims its best season of the year. ,

Well, the post-pandemic Tomavista has killed all three: It’s now held in the desolate parking lot of a congressional center, queues at bars are round the clock waiting for a beer and an unexpected heat wave hits the asphalt in front. According to the scorching scenario, the temperature on this Thursday was around 40 degrees.

But another way – and the most honest – to explain what happened is to admit that all these reproaches were forgotten exactly at 9:30. When Rigoberta Bandini took the stage like a pop earthquake. Barely five days after the channel hit Eurovision, the Catalan singer responded with her new show in front of 8,000 attendees on the first day of the festival. And we can say it out loud: that was a rigobertazo in all the rules.

Rarely has such a brief repertoire – not even a record on the market – been performed on a stage with so much power. from boot”In Spain we call it Soledad. They say to close with apothetic too many drugspassing by Bitch, oh mother or a very special version of the the the Maisel’s It was 40 minutes of collective enthusiasm that seemed to be bottled up after more than two years of pandemic restrictions., “We really wanted to, damn it. We’re going to give it our all,” Rigoberta managed to say, surprised by the warm welcome from the public.

And that his new show couldn’t be simpler: just some electronic bass, some keyboards, and the company of his younger cousin Mem, almost as protagonist as Rigoberta himself. All experienced by the epileptic choreography of their group of five dancers – a tremendous finale on all fours Bitch— which sums up a seemingly chaotic show, but is cleverly designed to dominate the festive season… and beyond.

Rigoberta’s audience, throughout the show

Rigoberta Bandini was the undisputed winner of all Star About the new Spanish pop that Tomavista brought together on the first day of his return, before them, as artists Kamido, Rosu, Kario, Jimena Amarillo hey hate confetti, Everyone, more or less solidly, fulfilled their mission of appeasing the thirsty crowd before the big stars arrived.

Back rigobertazoI took charge alizzoDespite his notable album, C. Tangana is better known for his work as a producer than as a solo artist. must be something else (2021). its right master with them on stage with the song you don’t deserve it anymoreWhile Rigoberta herself has a C in . helped get my concert back on track with dawn, I know that Amaya was missed, her partner in the recording reunionDespite persistent rumors that it will be one of the wonders of the night.

One of the great claims of the first day closed the night, Galician sensora, love songs I don’t need you anymore, don’t let me go anymore hey how easy They sounded clear and effective on stage, with electronic crackles and some indigestible guitar solos. Although, yes, the show was a little weak around one o’clock in the morning, as thousands of people were looking for their way back to the center of Madrid.

Most thought of as accumulating strength for Today and Tomorrow, which adopts the format of TomVistas’ previous editions with international stars more distinctly (jarvis cocker, jungle, suede, king of convenience, slow…) combined with some Iberian dressing (Throughout the Carolinas, Biznaga, La Platas,

Although, oh motherWe’re sorry to inform you that you’ll have a hard time matching rigobertazo Of the first night

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