Toms Says Dies, Father of Unforgettable Mars in ‘The Miracle of P. Tinto’


In a moment from Tom’s Says ‘The Miracle of P. Tinto’.

Character actors have a duty to be character. And Toms Says was a character actor. With all that is needed. Unforgettable Martian Father ‘The Miracle of P. Tinto’ She passed away on Friday at the age of 66 as confirmed by the Association of Actors and Actresses.

His face was engulfed in an eternal bliss, with rage and a flashy mustache that had been a regular for decades in all successful series. and of character. since ‘Eve and Adam. marriage agency‘ (1990) a ‘Tell me how not’ to pass on ‘He who is coming’ (2009) passing ‘Manolito Gafotas’ (2004), Alaa… Dina’ (2001-2002) Y’Lets do it’ (1998-2001).

could be seen in the cinema ‘Moscow gold’‘ (2003), Elsa and Fred (2005) and, above all, ‘P. Tinto’s Miracle (nineteen ninety eight). In the latter, he was a priest in the strictest and most bizarre sense of the word. And of course, I couldn’t stand the invention of Tinto Wafer Four Seasons That the Pope of Rome also tried. His access to a display of his fury, which is not just anger, is great. Father Marciano, his mustache and his improbable bangs are three… “Like God, who is God and the Triune.”

And a dialogue to remember.
Father Marciano: Okay, so if the Father is God, the Son is God, and the Holy Spirit is also God, then how many gods are there in heaven, P. Tinto?
P. Tinto: three? Two? One? none?

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