Top 10 Toughest Interview Questions Asked in 2021 – selective questions

These questions were asked by multinational companies around the world in 2021 and it proves the fact that intelligence is more important than memory power if you want to work in a famous company. These interview questions can’t be answered by reading a textbook suggestion, you will have to find out the answers in that very interview room, so, if you have a dream that someday you’ll work for a multinational company, exercise your brain with these toughest job interview questions remembering the fact at some point intelligence will take you through, not hard work.

Top 10 Toughest Interview Questions Asked in 2021

These were asked by the companies like Apple, Google, Amazon, Twitteretc. our suggestion if you can’t answer them at least make a good reaction to the questions during the interview or try to feel yourself in the situation. Well, they are brilliant indeed, no one can deny that.

It was asked during the interview of a job post, Software Development Engineer at Microsoft.

v “A disc is spinning on a spindle, and you don’t know which way. You are given a set of pins. Describe how you would use them to determine which way the disc is spinning.”

Here’s the second one, it’s actually hilarious Job name: Business Operations Intern at Facebook

v “You have a bag of with ‘N’ number of strings. At random, you pull out a string’s end. You pull out another string end and you tie the two together. You repeat this until there are no loose ends left to pull out of the bag.What is the expected number of loops?”

This one asked for the post Product Manager at Google

v “You want to design a phone for deaf people, how do you do it?”

This question asked by BitTorrent for the post Automation Engineer

v “Dwarf-killing giant lines up 10 dwarfs from shortest to tallest. Each dwarf can see all the shortest dwarfs in front of him, but cannot see the dwarfs behind himself. The giant randomly puts a white or black hat on each dwarf. No dwarf can see their own hat. The giant tells all the dwarfs that he will ask each dwarf, starting with the tallest, for the color of his hat.

If the dwarf answers incorrectly, the giant will kill the dwarf. Each dwarf can hear the previous answers, but cannot hear when a dwarf is killed. The dwarves are given an opportunity to collude before the hats are distributed.
What strategy should be used to kill the fewest dwarfs, and what is the minimum number of dwarfs that can be saved with this strategy?”

Other questions which were asked by several companies

  • § “Do you prefer to work for a man or a woman? Why?”
  • § “Do you believe that success depends more on what you know than on whom you know?”
  • § “If you could change three things about yourself, what would they be?”
  • § “Explain A Complex Database To Your Eight-Year-Old Nephew”
  • § “How would you describe a dynamometer to an 8-year-old child?”
  • § “If you were given a box of pencils, list 10 things you could do with them that are not their traditional use.”
  • § How would you solve problems if you were from Mars?

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