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About Torrentz2

Torrents are generally used to download larger files, using peer to peer file-sharing network. In past days larger files cannot be download due to network latency issues. So software developers implemented torrents. By using peer to peer file sharing technology downloads can be resumed and larger files are shared with all peers in network. This is the purpose of torrents. But some people drastically miss used this system and made lots of money by pirating paid software and movies. In order to control this torrent malfunction, our government banned lots of website which are hosting torrents. In 2021 torrents are banned completely, but some of the safest clones are surfacing on the google search results. These are basically using programmable search engines and providing torrent results to the users.


Torrents2 proxy:

By 2021 all of the international proxy servers are officially banned by the government of India. We have also listed some of the safest alternatives to torrents, official and trusted sources are given below.

Some of other Proxies servers

Torrentz search engine: (what is torrentz2 search?)

Torrent2 is a simplified search engine, which scrapes all torrent files all over the internet, the above-provided links are the official sources of torrents2 network. The torrent2  is a very popular search engine, it has over 705899 visitors per 1 month. In 2002 torrents is very popular website which is visited by everyone in usa and uk, but after few years is has been shut down due to its malicious content and multiple copyright strikes. And finally, the simplified version of torrents2 is back with advanced filters. This is all about torrentz2 search.
Currently most popular torrenting sites such as popular BitTorrent sites including The Pirate Bay, ExtraTorrents, RARBG, KickassTorrents, 1337x are banned by the government of India in order to control piracy. All the websites are continuously monitored and suspended., considered the largest torrent meta-search engine, announced “farewell” to its millions of users. Founded in 2003, had millions of visitors per day the site grew out to become one of the most visited torrent sites. After more than 13 years of service, the popular site announced its farewell just a few hours ago, that too without any warning, Torrent Freak reported. While the homepage is still active, Torrentz has completely disabled its search functionality and has similarly removed all torrent links. Torrent Freak claims it was contacted by the owner of, who “prefers not to comment at the moment.” calls itself a clone of Torrentz and hence a free, fast and powerful meta-search engine. A website like Torrentz aggregates results from dozens of search engines. The claims to be indexing 59,642,496 torrents from 124,175,891 pages.While seems like a comeback for Torrentz, it is not clear how long the website would survive. Torrentz has bid adieu after 13 years of being in service. also adds a message “We will always love you Torrentz. Goodbye.” Alexa, the global web traffic analysis website ranks Torrentz as 28 most popular website.

Basically, torrents are not officially online, the safest and simpler version is surfaced on google named (, our viewers can trust the portal because this is on google since 2002, so we are providing our genuine assurance exclusively for this particular website. This website has a very trusted record of audience. Previously contains lots of malware software, which is not verified by site owners. But now, in this case, each and every file is manually verified in order to maintain site trust, so people can feel safe while using torrentz2. Like other sites, is not promoting any kind of VPN because they do not log your IP address.

Official Sources: