Total Free: 9 Top Series You Can Watch Without Paying


RTVE Play offers many series for free, including 9 foreign productions that are very worthwhile.

Total Free: 9 Top Series You Can Watch Without Paying
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In RTVE Play (available on web, mobile and many TVs), in addition good spanish historical series ,time ministry, Tell me, red Eagle hey love in hard times) who have done very little Other foreign productions Present meaningful. Here we highlight the eight most important.

House of Cards (Thriller Poltico)

before kevin spacey in another will turn into a lowly and moralistic politician House of cards, Ian Richardson gave life to another character so hated Amazing in this BBC series of the same title. Francis Urquhart is the main character in a political thriller that Maneuvers in the shadows to seize power by hunting down the leader of the Conservative Party. At times the political back room has been portrayed so well.

Sherlock (Thriller)

change to One of the most famous classic detectives in history (and his assistants) in modern London a fearless explorer in the challenge that marks this British production in which you have to surrender to performance Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freema, The two stars of today’s cinema do a great job as a couple in a thriller with a comic touch. Sherlock and Watson revived and co-existed with new technologies.

Parliament (Political Comedy)

European ParliamentOne of the most respected institutions in the world, This is the center where the sharp darts launched by this unmatched comedy are stuck., Sammy is a MEP’s young assistant who is withdrawn from everything and is amazed at what’s happening in a seriously serious place where not everyone performs at the same level. Political fights, surrealist meetings and useless reports They form part of the day-to-day life of a beloved character who, incidentally, teaches us how the European Union works.

Partition (law drama)

process divorce It is the work of the protagonist of this British series supported by the BBC. His, A mother and her two daughters combine their work as lawyers specializing in marital breakdown With a tumultuous personal life. Absent fathers, past trauma and strength in a world dominated by men are the keys to its chapters.

EL COLAPSO (Thriller Apocalypse)

As envisioned by this French production 8 chapters of 20 minutes eachThere has been an incident on earth that has caused chaos. The distribution of electricity or water has come to a standstill and is due to People leave big cities en masse, Nothing seems to work and the best option seems to be to run away. a thrilling story (in theory) with independent chapters. And with a terrible ending.

STALK (Thriller Informatico)

comes from france aseries with short chapters (only 20 minutes) that He talks about bullying and cybercrime. Lucas/Lux is the hero. He studies computer science and as a result of a derogatory video broadcast by his classmates, Start a plan of revenge. In the hands of a cybernetic expert like him, there is something in his hands that means entering very dangerous territory.

Downton Abbey (Senior Drama)

If you haven’t seen it yet, now is a good opportunity to enjoy it dramatic series Which is released in theaters in the form of films. The Mansion That Titles This Production It is the center where love, hatred and a strange co-existence between service personnel and the elite class does not hesitate to show its economic power.

La INFAMIA (British Drama)

In just three chapters, this dramatic series recounts a real case that makes your hair stand on end. in a british city A group of people engaged young girls from the lower classes into the business of prostitution. And, what’s worse, without the authorities preventing the abuse from being punished in a timely manner, it inflicts public outrage and the girls involved are inflicted with enormous physical harm. Very difficult but necessary.

Over the Lake (Exciting Political)

before leading story of maid and soon after crazy man, Elisabeth Moss stars in this Australian series. In it, the actress plays Robin Griffin, an agent dedicated to solving the problem. The disappearance of a 12-year-old Embarzada. A very shady matter in whose hands director jane campion ,dog power), turns into a dark thriller full of surprises.

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