Traffic jams and tourists in Tarjal on the first weekend after the border reopens


Many trips have been seen from Morocco to high-end cars and a couple of days spent in the neighboring country

Esplanade in Tarajal where cars wait to cross into Morocco.
Esplanade in Tarajal where cars wait to cross into Morocco.Antonio Sempier
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limit of tarjali in ceuta It is already enabled with two entry and exit lanes, allowing for more traffic flow to and from Morocco. In the early hours of the afternoon, there was an increase in people trying to cross into the neighboring country, which coincided with the weekend.

Many of these people wore For more than two years without meeting relatives on the other side. On the other hand, the number of vehicles passing through customs has also increased manifold. official delegation In Ceuta, he recalled yesterday that anyone interested in crossing the border with a vehicle would have to pass through the Loma Colmener pocketing point.

Later this afternoon, an area that offered a look before the border was closed, with hundreds of vehicles lined up waiting to approach the border post to prevent the road leading to it from collapsing. national police He had to intervene to calm the spirits of those who had been waiting on the pocketing esplanade for more than three hours.

An increase in vehicular entry from Morocco can also be seen. expensive cars with license plates Rabat You casablanca They are entering the autonomous city with people coming to spend the weekend in the city. The liquidity of the cross-border passes will allow tourism from the neighboring country to become attractive once again, as the recovery of Ceuta’s economy was highly constrained by the closure of the border two years ago.

The hope placed in Ceuta merchants and hospitality entrepreneurs’ new relationship with Morocco will depend on Moroccan tourists finding facilities to enter the city and not, as was the case before, waiting more than 8 hours in an endless queue. could do , It will also depend on the relationship between the two governments to be able to reach agreements for the transit of goods, which everyone calls for the passage of commercial customs. babe crawl and Tarajal.

Some are still pending for discussion in working groups set up by the two countries to give effect to the agreement, which was sealed after the visit of Moroccan King Pedro Sanchez in April.

At the time of writing this report, normalcy is complete at the Ceuta border, with traffic still fluid in both directions. On Friday afternoon, two entry and exit lanes were already enabled at the border crossing. Many Moroccans and Europeans also used taxis to get to the city.

Some young girls who come from Tangier He told us that he had reserved a hotel in the city for Friday nights and Saturdays with the intention of visiting tourist attractions in the city and, if the weather permits, to be able to bathe in the autonomous beaches. Faridabad.

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