Train sabotage and attacks: attacks on railway structures are a major factor in the war in Ukraine


Trains, stations and railway infrastructure have become the target of attacks in Ukraine in the war

File image of a train carrying wounded Ukrainian soldiers.
File image of a train carrying wounded Ukrainian soldiers.Yuri DyachishinAFP
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in front of donbs It is fought like an ancient struggle, with trenches and artillery, The clashes have been documented in several videos. However, amidst the coup and distorted news, what happens behind is less visible and verifiable.

Two days ago, Ukrainian sources revealed a defiant gesture a few days ago: the sabotage of a Russian armored train in the city. melitopol, With this they managed to damage several wagons, including those intended for transporting troops. However, another version of this information spoke of an explosion near the train tracks.

This incident, apart from the actual consequences of the attack, is just one chapter in a longer story. Russian army uses special train convoy Formed by armored wagons and armed with machine guns. They have locomotives which are tow platforms loaded with munitions, fuel drums or vehicles. Moscow has at least two of these “beasts of war”, Baikal and Amur, which have already been proven in previous conflicts, among which is the crisis in Crimea. And now they have been taken out of the warehouse again as a support.

Raids are also being conducted behind the railway track. in Melitopol a Russian army officer died In an ambush for the Ukrainian resistance that took place during the night. The resistance should undermine Russia’s attempts to impose its administrative power in the occupied provinces. These attacks are usually assigned to smaller teams, those who have decided to “stay back” and know their ground very well. They use simple weapons, grenades or explosives and, in some cases, it is suspected that they may have received direct or indirect support from the West. Because intelligence services can capture communications and identify targets, they can also infiltrate men. Everything is possible from denial to lies, Ukrainians have traditionally shown that they can do it on their own, but if they have help, it’s all the better for them.

This activity has been spread over a long period of time Belarus, the starting point of the attack. The railway is still the target of local opponents, who damage tracks or stations. Sometimes they are rudimentary and low-cost operations for the people who perform them, but they have huge consequences on the transportation chain. response to Lukashenko Confirms it: Minsk authorities have detained at least 60 people, in some cases violently. In fact, on 4 May he passed a draconian law in Parliament that increased the death penalty for those convicted of “attempted terrorism”. This very severe punishment bears testimony to the potential for internal threats within the country.

Ukrainians carry shields together with spears. Their adversary, the Russian army, mobilized their “subversive” teams during the first days of the war. Commandos, military intelligence agents and the Fifth Department of the FSB (Federal Security Service of Russia), as well as pro-Russian allies. Some were already inside the country and their purpose was to “guard the ground” and pave the way for others by causing damage, attacking the country’s communication networks and infrastructure, but also carrying out assassinations or KGB calls. “Wet work”.

For this reason, Kyiv created a special unit with over 1,000 soldiers to persecute the intruders. According to government sources, some 90 cells have been neutralized with a total of 757 arrests. But this mission has only just begun. Tank and artillery activities as well as raids by agile groups would continue. Among other things, because Putin has given more responsibility to the new chief of the Russian military, Vladimir Alekseev, who is an expert in covert operations and experienced in Ukraine.

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