Treasury opposes reduction in VAT on women’s menstrual products and defers it in the general budget


Irene Monteiro guarantees that for this legislature “we are going to fight” the application of a super-low VAT of 4% compared to 21%

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The Minister of Equality, Irene Monteiro, explained this Monday that the Ministry of Finance, led by her partner Maria Jesus Monteiro, has vetoed the new abortion law that the Council of Ministers will approve tomorrow, lowering the super-low VAT for menstrual products. and has been postponed for negotiations of the next general state budget for 2023.

Monteiro regretted reducing the cost of these products through the application of a super-low VAT of 4%, which is “pending” compared to the 21% now applicable but guaranteed that “we’re going to fight this.” “So that this legislature is organized. “Let no one doubt”, sentence in an interview with being chain Collected by Servimedia.

The minister stressed that reducing VAT on menstrual products is particularly necessary as many women “who live in vulnerability or adolescence” sometimes do not have the ability to purchase these products or choose a brand of their choice, that is. because he believes that In some cases and places such as educational centers it is necessary to “distribute freely”.

Monteiro also announced that the new abortion law that the Council of Ministers is going to approve considers that pregnant women have a Medical leave from 39th week of pregnancyAlthough he proposed that it would be “by 36”.

He indicated that by agreeing to reform with the rest of the PSOE ministers, the holiday has been delayed to week 39, something that “many women already have for real” when the last week of pregnancy approaches, as it It is necessary to go ” preparation for childbirth” both physically and mentally.

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