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For both Android and iOS, you’ll first need to install a streaming music app like Spotify or Apple Music, or failing it, an audio playback app.

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By default, the messaging application WhatsApp Putting music in the states isn’t allowed because it works on Instagram, though. meta Be the parent company of both the apps. while in stories of instagram Music can be added seamlessly via a single button, searching for both song and artist, and you can even choose the 15 seconds you like; get the same effect in WhatsApp Takes a few more steps.

The good news is you won’t need any third party apps to jeopardize the security of your device, the bad news is that the audio won’t have the quality that the social network offers. so much for Android related to iOSYou need to install a music app first streaming as Spotify hey Apple MusicOr failing that, an audio playback application.

The idea is to play background music on the device while recording the images we want to upload in a state with audio WhatsApp, To achieve this, first, open one of these music services or hold the audio to play. If you want a specific part of the song, in the app where it’s playing, drag playback to about 10 or 15 seconds before the start of the part you want to upload.

Then, without stopping, start over WhatsApp And access the Status section by sliding left, then in this menu look for the icon with the camera to start recording video. The reason you leave that margin is to give you the opening hours WhatsApp And prepare yourself without much effort.

During the next step, with the music ready and already in the Start Recording menu, press and hold the circular button to start the video, just lift your finger to pause it and the video will be recorded. Remember that if you make a video of more than 15 secondsIt will be divided into several states, like Instagram does.

Also check if the video is as you wanted, something you can easily do because automatically after you finish recording, WhatsApp will show you a preview that you can play. In this preview, you can also trim both the beginning and the end to edit it however you want.

Synchronizing the recording with the song may take some practice, so don’t worry if you have to repeat it several times. The only thing is that you have to repeat the previous steps to replicate it. just to upload it you have to press send button Which is similar to the application’s chat, with a triangular shape.

Before this, in the lower window you can type text if you want. This trick doesn’t work if you have headphones connected to both Bluetooth and via cable, so make sure it doesn’t before starting the whole process. When editing videos in Preview, don’t select GIFs, as these are without sound, so make sure the Video option in the top right is selected.

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