Trump proposes to bomb drug laboratories in Mexico and then denies that the US did


This is stated by the man who accompanied the President as none other than the Secretary of Defense, Mark Esper, in his memoirs titled ‘Sacred Oath’, which are to be published in the United States next week.

Donald Trump with Mark Esper at the White House.
Donald Trump with Mark Esper at the White House.Saul LoebAFP
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Donald Trump Proposal to bomb pharmaceutical laboratories in Mexico with missiles, and then denies that the US had attacked, so that “no one would know it was us.” This is said by the one who was with the President no less than the Defense Secretary, Mark EsperoIn his memoirs, the title ‘Oath sacred’, which are published in the United States next week. Trump’s eldest son, Donald ‘Jr.’ has defended his father’s view on Twitter, wondering why there are people who say it’s a bad idea.

Arizona’s book follows the guidelines of practically all former aides to the president. i.e. it reverses it one and a half times. Though it’s also worth wondering why he shielded himself from all that criticism until Trump fired him and signed a contract with a publisher. Esper was ousted from office after the November 2020 election, which Trump lost, which was seen by many in the United States as an attempt by the then-president to top the man with the highest loyalty. Department of Defense with the possible intention of carrying out a coup that would invalidate the result of the election.

Be that as it may, excerpts from the book made available to the media by the publisher show that Esper does not omit criticism of Trump or instances of the president’s vandalism. between anecdotes, it’s trying to make armed forces Firing on protesters standing in front white HouseA proposal to send 250,000 troops to the border with Mexico to stop a caravan of Central American migrants, or to shout insults at the chief of staff, Mark Millebecause he has no power to order National GuardWhich is something Miley isn’t to blame for, because it’s dictated by law.

Of them all, the most spectacular is the bombing of drug trafficking infrastructure in Mexico. Trump’s argument that the Mexican government “does not control its country” is largely correct. Another thing, however, is that bombing the labs where the drug is refined is the best way to tackle the problem. But this isn’t the end of it.

According to Esper, Trump planned to keep the bombing a secret. “No one would know it was us” He said, according to the account of the former Defense Secretary, the then President. Apparently, Trump doesn’t know that there are things called “radars” that detect flying objects, and that Mexicans have, with which he’ll know the missiles come from the north, and that, Canada. And among the United States, it is more likely than among those countries to launch bombing raids, partly because of its own historical tradition. nor does it seem plausible that El Salvador, Guatemala or Honduras They were going to bomb Mexico.

The other nuances are of a technical nature. Arizona says Trump suggested bombing “get along” Patriot Missiles“The problem is that ‘Patriots’ are anti-aircraft missiles, that is, they are designed to destroy aircraft and other missiles, not to attack targets on the ground. Cannot be programmed to destroy what is not flying. To this day, the Mexican cartel’s laboratories that produce cocaine, methamphetamine, and opiates for distribution in the United States do not fly.

Trump’s Mexico bombing strategy appears to be part of the former president’s military doctrine. in February, when Russia attack on UkraineTrump defended that the US would bomb that country with F-22 planes, but with signs of China, to blame that country. Such a brilliant tactic, although, the description, among other things, that the F-22 is a fighter, and not suitable for bombing, is exactly like the ‘Patriots’.

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