Trump urges one of his candidates to declare victory without waiting for recounts

Republican Primary in Pennsylvania


Thousands of ballots are yet to be counted, of which some 22,000 have been mailed

Counting of votes in Pennsylvania.
Counting of votes in Pennsylvania.Keith SarkosikAP

former US president Donald Trump (2017-2021) urged this Wednesday Mehmet Oz, Her favorite in the Republican primary for one of the Pennsylvania state seats in the Senate, declaring victory without waiting for the final results of the count.

Trump made that statement in the social network that he himself promoted And it has the name “Satya” (Truth) on it.

“Doctor Oz must declare victory,” said the former ruler, who took the chance cast doubt on counting of votes And claim that Oz has “clearly already won the election.”

After the November 2020 elections, in which Democrats Joe Biden, Trump himself on several occasions, without providing evidence, alleged that fraud and conspiracy theories were perpetrated by US courts.

Oz, a television personality best known for his show “The Dr. Oz Show”, confronts businessman in the Republican Party primary David McCormick, of more moderate positions.

in the United States There is no central election authority And it is the media that declares the winner on the basis of its data.

No outlet has declared a winner, although Oz is leading by nearly 1,700 votes out of 1.3 million votes already counted. Washington Post.

Thousands of votes are yet to be counted, including some 22,000 that were received by post.

If the current situation persists and the winning candidate’s margin of victory is less than 0.5%, the losing candidate’s campaign will be entitled to request a recount of the vote under Pennsylvania state law.

Oz and McCormick both addressed their supporters Tuesday night and asked Wait for the official results.

The Republican candidate who wins those primaries will face John Fetterman, The 2-meter-tall Democrat with tattooed arms who has built his own brand, fleeing those who tried to classify him in one extreme or another Democratic party.

That would substitute for one of two seats in the Senate of Pennsylvania. One of the most important elections of 8 November, In which Democrats will protect their narrow minorities in both houses of Congress.

Overall, they celebrated this Tuesday Primary five states: Idaho, Kentucky, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Oregon.

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