TSJ charges Monica Oltra under guardianship of a minor for managing her ex-husband’s abuse case


Chambers assured that “there is a series of plural allusions that cast doubt on the possible existence of a concert between Mrs. Oltra as a whole and the various officers in charge.” I have to announce on 6th July

Monica Oltra in her final appearance as Consel’s spokeswoman.EFE

The Civil and Criminal Chamber of the Superior Court of Justice of the Valencian Community (TSJCV) has accused the Vice President of the Generalitat and the Minister of Equality and Inclusive Policies, manika oltraTo manage the case of sexual abuse of a minor under guardian and called him to testify on 6th July.

In an order notified this Thursday to the parties, the Court says that the reasoned statement prepared by the Inquiry Court No. 15 of Valencia “pertains to a series of plural allusions to the possible existence of a concert between Mrs. and various officers under his charge, either for the purpose of protecting his then accomplice (…) or to protect the political career of the robber.”

The TSJCV therefore considers that it is appropriate to initiate preliminary proceedings, of which the envoy of this resolution, Magistrate Antonio Ferrer, shall be the instructor, “to examine to what extent there is sufficient entity in the preliminary suspicion to permit the process to continue.” Its normal course.

The Chamber considers the case as a whole, that is, in relation to the other 13 investigations, involving senior officials of the ministry and workers of the juvenile center where the incidents took place, noting that at this time they all have “an inseparable relationship”.

leads to two-way imputation

The investigation into the actions of the Ministry of Equality and Oltra began in two ways, culminating in the Court of Instruction 15 of Valencia and now the TSJ.

In May 2021, the girl, now of legal age and represented by lawyer and leader of the extreme right-wing party Spain 2000, José Luis Roberto, filed a complaint for alleged offense of desertion and omission of duty of guard and custody. before the court. Instruction 15 of Valencia against the regional director of the Ministry of Equality, the director of the reception center, the officer who directed the psychological and informational file of the section of the minor, concludes that the story of the girl was not credible at that time, the ex-husband of the Vice President for five years The sentencing of the prison sentence was appealed before the TSJ and both the prosecutor’s office and the judge opted for provisional dismissal in October 2021.

In parallel, the Gobirna-Te Association, headed by former Vox leader Christina Segu, filed complaints against Oltra and eight other officials in the TSJ for alleged offenses of cover-up and obstruction of justice, embezzlement of public funds and embezzlement. In that complaint, he assured that the ministry tried to hide the teacher because he was the vice president’s ex-husband.

The Civil and Criminal Chamber, then composed of two magistrates who have looked into the case again, respondent Antonio Ferrer and former anti-corruption prosecutor Vicente Torres, dismissed the complaint in June 2021 because “no objective evidence was provided at that time”. was” that Oltra Luis Ramárez could order “any other defendant to take action” for the purpose of protecting Icardi. However, he “fully justified the initiation of a criminal investigation” and did not deny that the facts were presented as “clearly suspicious”, but pointed out that the court had to analyze them and Should be highlighting the “concrete elements”. Vice President’s Responsibilities

In parallel, the minor’s defense appealed for dismissal before the Fourth Division of the Court of Valencia, which in December ordered the reopening of the Inquiry with a Demolition Car by Instruction 15 stating that the four officers who were In 2017 he waived his duty to report and defend and “instead, he victimized the girl, defamed her” and “conducted a sort of legal investigation that he did to disable the complaint.” Not informed the Juvenile Prosecutor’s Office with the sole purpose of “, elaborated the Court.

The two cases were then converted to an investigation by Judge Vicente Rios, which concluded with the indictment of five other officers and senior officials and a request from the TSJ to investigate Vice President Oltra. The aim is to clarify what she learned about the complaint against her ex-husband between February and June 2017, when the ministry only knew about it and took no action, and accepted what happened. Four days after stating that he knew judicial proceedings existed, an informational file was launched which, according to the Valencia Court, the TSJ’s instructor and chief prosecutor aimed to “defame the minor”. The prosecutor’s office goes even further in its brief to the TSJ Chamber and attributes the “concealment” of abuses to a “pre-established plan” after a “verbal order” from Oltra with two beneficiaries: the ex-spouse and herself, “to avoid political and/or criminal responsibility”

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