TSJC gives Generalitat 15 days to comply with 25% Spanish sentence in classes


Higher Educational Inspection urged to verify that judicial resolution abolishing linguistic immersion is complied with

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  • Courts Lawyer tells Catalan High Court not to force government to impose 25% Spanish

Even the nearness of the end of the course hasn’t stopped Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC.)) mark an ultimatum for the Generalitat to “immediately” comply with the sentence that he must take at least 25% of classes in educational centers throughout Catalonia. meeting for a bilingual school a few weeks ago urged the court to enforce the sentence forcibly and that’s why education Department of the Generalitat so that “within a maximum period of 15 days, it issues directions and establishes guarantees of control of the same which proceeds to effect in the educational system Catalonia All students receive instruction effectively and promptly through the use of common vehicles of the two official languages ​​in the prescribed percentage, which in no case shall be less than 25%.

Furthermore, the court indicates that the system would include “the teaching of at least the same language and any other subject or matter of origin or similar nature.” also asked the education minister Josep Gonzalez-Cambre To inform the court about the “new execution period on the measures adopted and the degree of their compliance”. However, the TSJC also urges Higher Educational Inspection “For the purposes of verifying compliance with the dispositional part of the judgment issued in these proceedings in the entire Catalan educational system, notifying the court of the activity and the status verified at the end of the indicated execution period”.

The judicial decision rests with the minister himself, so in case of non-compliance, he can commit an offence. In addition, the TSJC rejected Vox’s request to execute the sentence due to lack of validity, recalling that generally He has the power to adopt measures to enforce punishment, although he recalls that “what is not within his freedom is not to act and to allow a situation contrary to the constitutional mandate.”

In this sense, the TSJC describes that the generalitat is “at liberty to determine, with the freedom of appreciation of means, the means deemed appropriate to effectuate the use of vehicles of official languages. What is decisive in a sentence is not the instrument.” It is condemned as an inaction in the dictation of necessary norms, instructions or acts of application for the purpose of determining the use of vehicles of languages, or the exercise of the power of control, in teaching. Not only of official languages To respect the manner of order ordering the use of vehicles, but also to respect the contents of the said order. The sentence is limited to prescribing a constitutionally required minimum in that area”.

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