TSJC obliges Canet de Mar school to retain 25% of Spanish


Denies the resource of families of students of the same course as the minor who requested it

Demonstration against 25 percent in cannate
Demonstration against 25 percent in cannateEuropa Press
  • Courts TSJC Keeps 25% Spanish in Canet School and Orders Its Application to Two Other Schools

when deciding on the future of language immersion and examining whether the decree controlling T. Following the command is enough to avoid disobedienceSuperior Court of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC.)), a minimum of 25% Spanish is still in force in some schools. This is the case of Tour del Drake in Canet de Mar, which was the center of controversy a few months ago when the family of a P5 student requested this 25% classes and the TSJC ordered it to be implemented as a precautionary measure.

The decision led to 28 families of 30 children from the same course appearing before the court demanding the postponement of the precautionary measure and return to immersion. He claimed that the students taking classes in the language of the two vehicles were being harmed and therefore insisted on not levying 25 per cent while awaiting punishment.

However, the TSJC dismissed the appeal after considering that the jurisprudence ruled that “the application of the linguistic conjunction system causes an irreparable damage to the students’ alleged right to monolingual teaching of a vehicle”. “. For this reason, it maintains precautionary measures in the school and forces 25% of classes to be held in Spanish because a family requested it, advised by the Assembly for a Bilingual School in Catalonia.

Precisely this unit remarked that “the court is firm in defending the model of linguistic assimilation” and “does not recognize the authority of the school only in Catalan”. The Generalitat himself sided with families who wanted to abolish the precautionary measure, who argued that “there is no legal basis that guarantees 25% of the Spanish, it is the creation of the courts.”

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