Turbulent love, family misfortune and an unsolved death: this was the life of Romy Schneider

at 43, Romy Schneider I confessed that I was a broken woman and He died a few months later. There is never a concrete and irrefutable explanation because of, Which explains why today, on its 40th anniversary, the debate is still open. The only indisputable thing is that the actress of Austrian origin, die of grief by not tolerating fatal accident of his son David a year ago, when he was 14 years old. The official version was an acute myocardial infarction and unofficial overdose of barbiturates or any other type of medicine.

today we will talk broken heart syndrome, A then unknown condition often triggered by an emotionally tragic situation that causes an unusual and sudden increase in stress hormones. Symptoms are similar to those of myocardial infarction, although they can be controlled. There were reasons for Romi’s heart-breaking and double poisoning effect: their addiction And those high doses of hormones. He became so weak that he stopped.

Paris and cinema remembers Romy Schneider

On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of his death, Paris and the world of cinema Claim their figure with articles, exhibitions, Interviews with loved ones who are still alive and books that, essentially, emphasize the reconstruction of his last days.

is one of them ‘Adieu Romi’, journalist’s violin de montclos, Written from conversations with people relevant in the life of the actress. “When she was found dead in her Paris apartment on the morning of May 29, 1982, she was only 43, and a few months after the death of her son, the press came under fire: Suicide or accidental death? Everyone interprets, imagines, invents the circumstances of this cinematographic ending”, he continues in the prologue.

Actress in 1978.

Actress in 1978.Getty Images

to like Sarah, La Hija that the actress did with the journalist in 1977 Daniel Biasini, Her second husband, the writer, is opposed to contemplating suicide and prefers to conclude that he had a great ending. self-immolation slowly Slowly and according to his state of mind and habits he was dragging. two years ago, her first husband and father of David, film producer Harry Mayan. Burying the son was also the culmination of his suffering.

Romi Schneider’s pain from screen to life

His martyrdom surpassed that of his role in the last film, ‘Testimony of a Woman’ (1982). In the interpretation of Elsa, an opera singer, Romi manages tears, pain The hoarseness in the face and in the hero’s voice is his own. During filming, the actress read aloud to her co-stars the letter i write to you to his dead son.

Although they took care of him and hide bottles He kept on repeating the name of Dawood. actor Michelle Piccoli give advice to your partner Laurent Ptn to travel with him to a place far away from Europe because he had seen it on the verge of madness, A mixture of fact and fiction. He refused, because the subject in his delirium David’s return And it was not found.

Romy Schneider and the man called the love of his life, Alain Delon, in 'The Pool' (1969).

Romy Schneider and the man called the love of his life, Alain Delon, in ‘The Pool’ (1969).GTRES Online

Romi Schneider’s love

Romi is one of the most asked men at the moment Alain Delon, The legendary actor, who is suffering after a stroke at the age of 86. I was passionate about it, but stormy love story As soon as they loved each other, they destroyed each other. and so it was until the last day of their lives, because despite their separation, they continued a complicated friendship and toxic.

He was unable to attend her funeral, but he said goodbye to her on her bed a few hours after her death and took a picture of her that, as he confessed years later, is always with her. He remembers her like this in every interview “The great love of his life, first, the strongest, but also the saddest.”

Romi’s last romance was with the producer Laurent Ptn. He was very supportive and tried to ease the pain of the memory. from the suicide of her first husband and the absence of his son. He never liked the actress’ friendship with Elaine, which he believed a bad influence. In fact, after the actress’s last visit, at a tribute to Nice in which French cinema was also present, she returned impoverished and, by that fatal 29 May, she began wearing red, a color he hated, because too much makeup

As CC, I play the role

As CC, he landed a role in 1955.

end of actress

Laurent found him lying on a chair, his face white, his body limp and Cold hands. On the floor, one last unfinished letter to his son David.

The coroner ruled his death to be of natural causes—cardiac arrest—so There was no autopsy. the story was open forever and even i lost my diary In which he was writing in the smallest detail.

its contents were the key understand the change syrup and generous sissy in a woman completely devastated and trapped in a perpetual existential crisis which led him to recognize that he was “Everything on the screen, but nothing in life”.

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