Turkey continues to close NATO doors to Sweden and Finland


Ankara remains ‘no’, although talks with Stockholm and Helsinki continue over ‘Kurdish question’

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Round of talks between Turkey and Finland to unblock NATO accession in Helsinki.AP
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After five hours of bilateral meetings, Swedish and Finnish representatives have returned from Ankara without news. Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s conditional ‘no’ to join NATO, but with a list of papers and a period to review them. It is a roadmap, as explained by presidential spokesman Ibrahim Kalin, that includes Turkey’s demand in return for its green light to expand the transatlantic alliance. The three passes have agreed to continue talks.

“They should take action against media, propaganda and terrorist financing activities”Kalin pointed this out at a news conference after a series of meetings with delegates. “There is also the matter of extradition. There are twelve requests to Finland and 28 to Sweden, but for now, the responses received are not satisfactory,” he said. Another matter that you have presented as a petition is End of arms embargo on Turkey Approved by Sweden in 2019.

The reason for those sanctions was Stockholm’s critical stance with Turkish forces attacking an area in northern Syria controlled by Kurdish fighters. An action that was plagued by complaints of human rights violations and which Turkey justified by asserting its right to self-defense. Ibrahim Kalin has spent time emphasizing that There is “no difference” between these Syrian Kurdish forceswhose abbreviation is YPG/J—which the West has backed to defeat Islamic State and which it has entrusted with its prisoners—and Kurdish-Turkish Guerrilla PKKConsidered a terrorist group by the European Union.

After four decades of attacks and violent skirmishes, alternating with episodes of dirty warfare and massacres of civilians, a particularly militant exile community has consolidated in the Nordic countries. The last to come, nothing to do with the Kurds, they’re on the run Fetullah Glen Preachers GuildAccused of plotting the bloody failed coup of 2016. Turkey called on Sweden and Finland to end their activity, which they brand as “terrorists”.

“The chip needs to be changed,” even Erdogan’s adviser on foreign policy concluded before reporters. Regarding his verbal exchanges with Swedish and Finnish representatives, Kalin said that “we have reminded them that they should take comprehensive steps, but very concrete and within a specific time frame. If not, the process is not ongoing.” can stay”. The spokesperson did not elaborate on what the representatives’ reaction has been. “You will report our discussion to your administration,” he said.

Ibrahim Kalin, considered one of the moderate voices in President Erdogan’s entourage, is in the midst of a fight. Save your electoral options in the midst of an economic crisis, Many analysts blame Turkey’s reluctance to escalate Turkey’s anger with the Scandinavians not only to Sweden and Finland – whom Erdogan accuses of being a “nest of terrorists” – but to a crisis that would drain all political capital. To need to squeeze. Generates a great internal consensus.

This week, Erdogan threatens to launch A new attack on northern Syriapossibly taking advantage of RussiaPosted in Kurdish areas, more concerned about keeping the boy on Ukraine, Meanwhile, Ankara awaits news from Sweden and Finland. “We have provided them with all kinds of documents about the terrorists,” Kalin insisted. “We will keep in touch, we will see how they respond to our demands and based on that, we will continue the dialogue.”

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