Turqua cambia su nombre en la onu por el de ‘Turkey’


Thus, it avoids a negative connotation as ‘Turkish’ also means ‘turkey’ in English.

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  • turquoise Erdogan strengthens ties with NATO by announcing another attack on Syria

turquoise Informed the United Nations that, at the behest of its president, it aspires to be called “Trikye” in all languages ​​from now on, announced Thursday. ONU,

“Change is immediate,” said Stéphane Dujarric, spokesman for the UN Secretary-General. Anthony Guterres,

He specified that it was an official letter Ankara Received on Wednesday at United Nations Headquarters which immediately formalized the name change turquoise

Ankara thus avoids that the country’s name in English is “Turkey”, a word in that language. It also means “turkey”. And so a . can get negative connotacin,

On Tuesday, Mevalt Cavusoglu, Ankara’s foreign minister, posted a letter on his Twitter account, which was addressed. UN Secretary General Demanding that “the name of (your) country be registered in the United Nations, in foreign languages, as Trakiye.”

The head of Turkish diplomacy mentioned the desire in his tweet President ErdoganFrom the end of 2021, in order to “enhance the brand value” of its country.

In fact, in economic matters Ankara have spent many years seeking to impose international brand “Made in Truckee”, en detrimento dell “Made in Turkey”.

“The name may sound silly to some, but this place erdogan in the role of protector and protector international honor across the country,” analyzes Mustafa Akskal, professor of history at Georgetown University in Washington DC

The newspaper recalls that in June 2023, when Erdogan turned 20 years in powerTurkey will hold presidential elections and also the centenary of its foundation after its dissolution Ottoman Empire,

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