Two inmates have been released for “total change” in a gang rape investigation in Malagueta


According to some audios, the alleged victim must have retained the facts to obtain financial aid and legal residency

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Beach in La Malagueta, in Malaga.EFE
  • almera They Pulp. investigate the gang rape of a 30-year-old woman
  • Andaluca Police refuse to condemn gang rape by a Grenada girl

The head of Málaga’s Inquiry Court No. 5, probing the alleged hopeless group rape of a woman on the Malagueta beach in the capital of Málaga, has temporarily released two youths jailed for this reason.

Ral Olivares, the lawyer for one of the people investigated, explained to Efe that The investigation has given a “total makeover” and he filed an appeal for reform, believing that he had doubt in the process,

precautionary measures

Other judicial sources have informed Efe that the magistrate, in his release order, has taken into account some audio in which the alleged victim can say that she has maintained the facts. be able to obtain financial aid and legal residency,

Those who were imprisoned were released on provisional release yesterday and instructions were issued to collect all information in the matter.

News reports this Wednesday newspaper Feather which indicates that significant change in the case This follows a new report sent out by the National Police’s Family and Women’s Care Unit (UFAM) that expands on the police report.

Existence in this new office WitnessA friend of the complainant, who contacted the local police, reported that he had messages and audios sent by the victim in which he had identified Not being aware of sexual harassment.

two youngEntered Jail on 10th May And the third arrested was provisionally released.

Police arrested three people. 19, 30 and 31 years oldSunday May 8 to Monday at dawn Alleged sexual assault and robbery with violence and intimidationsince one of them when he was arrested belongings of the victim in his possession.

Agents of a contingent of the Provincial Civil Defense Brigade possibly foiled several subsequent rapes. alert person call that he had seen a very drunk woman who was being sexually coerced.

The agents surprised three people around the victim, who were let off and when they were stopped, one of them was carrying the woman’s belongings.

According to the investigation, the woman was drinking some beers with a couple who left at a certain time, so She was left alone in the establishment.

Just then a man came up to him and they started talking in a friendly manner and when he expressed his intention to return home, he offered to accompany him for a walk on the beach.

The woman agreed, but at one point he asked her to kiss him and he pounced on her, then the other two came out on investigation.

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