Two new shootings in the US have killed three people at an Iowa church and wounded several at a Wisconsin cemetery.


A wave of deadly mass shootings hits US after New York supermarket, Texas elementary school and Oklahoma hospital

People rest after a shooting at Cornerstone Church in Ames, Iowa, Thursday, June 2, 2022.  Two people and a shooter were killed on Thursday night in a shootout outside a church in AIIMS, officials said.
Shooting at Cornerstone Church in Ames, Iowa.AP

a different man and Two women murdered in the parking lot of a church in Iowa state On Thursday and then pointed a gun at themselves, police said, adding three more dead to the number of victims in a series of recent shootings that have shaken the United States. On the same day, more than 400 km away, other shots were fired which survived. At least two injured in Wisconsin cemetery During the burial of a man killed by police, officials and a local channel.


Iowa Shooting This comes soon after President Joe Biden delivered a major speech on gun violence following the mass shootings of recent weeks Buffalo (New York), Uvalde (Texas) and basil (Oklahoma).

was in iowa shooting cornerstone church exterior, Nicholas Lenny, chief of the Storey County Sheriff’s Office, a fundamentalist Christian church east of the city of Ames, while a religious event was being held.

When sheriff’s representatives arrived at the scene, they found all three dead, Lenny said, adding that he could not provide identification or reveal their relationship.

“This appears to be an isolated, single shooter incident,” Lenny said.

Mass shootings have occurred in the United States in recent weeks, killing 10 black residents in New York, 19 children and two teachers in Texas, and two doctors, a receptionist and a patient in Oklahoma.

In Racine, Wisconsin, several shots were fired at a crowd of mourners on Thursday attend the funeral at the grave in the afternoonRacine Police Sergeant Christy Wilcox told reporters that at least two people were injured. Other sources put the number of injured at five but it is under investigation.

Wilcox said one of the victims was treated and released at a local hospital, with the other being taken to a Milwaukee hospital, apparently with more serious injuries. No suspect has been arrested.

The Racine Police Department said on Twitter: “Several shots fired at Graceland Cemetery at 2:26 p.m. There have been casualties, but it is unknown how many at this time. The scene is still active and is being investigated.”

Local media reported that five people were injured at the funeral of Dashonte El King Sr., a man killed by police in late May, AFP reports.

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