Two Palestinians arrested for killing three people in Israel


Israeli agents have ended their search for the perpetrators of last Thursday’s attack in the city of Elad.

Israeli policemen at the spot where the arrest took place.AFP
  • International At least three dead in a new attack in Israel

After more than 60 hours of search by police, soldiers and members Shabaki (Internal Secret Service), Israel has arrested two Palestinians who killed three civilians liveIn the center of the country.

Yousef Asad Al Rafaaz (19) you Sabhi Abu Shakir (20) were located in a forest far from the place where they attacked this Thursday night and did not protest against Israeli soldiers and agents. The blood trail of one of them helped them to follow their path. After the arrest, one of them admitted in Arabic to an agent’s camera that he was responsible for the attack. live, His ax was found nearby.

There are two young men of Romana in the field of beat it (West Bank), who illegally . worked in live, According to police investigation, they arrived in this Israeli city by car oren ben yiftah (35) Those who thought they were just going to work. Arriving in this mostly ultra-Orthodox city they knew so well, Palestinians killed the Israeli driver in their vehicle. He later embarks on a bloody tour through the streets. live hacking to death boaz golic (49) u Jonathan Havakuko (44) in the presence of his children and injured four others. From that moment on, they managed to stay off Israeli radar until this Sunday morning, when they were stopped just a kilometer from live,

The prime minister says, “The terrorists who have been murdered with axes and unimaginable brutality have been captured in a pitiful manner.” Naftali Bennett While the Chief Inspector of Police, kobi shabtaiThose who expressed fears of a new attack during their escape on Saturday said that “the message is that we will always reach out to those who perpetrate terrorist attacks.”

The Islamic group responded, saying, “We salute the heroes of the heroic campaign that exposed the fragility of the security agencies of the Zionist nuclear-armed unit.” Hamas Who praised the attack that shook Israeli society.

Since March 22, 18 people have been killed in six attacks in Israel in the worst wave of attacks in recent years. “We have eliminated dozens of terrorist attacks in recent weeks but we still have more concrete alerts,” according to security sources consulted by EL Mundo. In the past two months, 27 Palestinians, including militants, assailants and civilians, have been killed in Israeli raids and the resulting conflict and riots.

The fact that Hamas claimed responsibility for one of the attacks (29 April in Ariel) has encouraged further moves and that its leaders Yehya Sinwar Asked to use a rifle a week ago and kill the Israelis who don’t have a knife or axe, have put him in the crosshairs. At least in the mouth of some analysts and politicians, who turn their heads to “end the situation in which Hamas calmly backs down in Gaza while promoting attacks in Israel and encouraging conflict”. Esplanade of Mosques,

in a message to Hamas Although without quoting them and under increasing internal criticism, Bennett He said this Sunday: “We are at the gates of a new stage in the face of terror. You cannot indulge in violence and relax or throw a match and run away. The main mission of the Israeli government is to restore personal safety to civilians” .

According to various sources, the government and the army are not in favor of campaigning against them today. sinwarGiven what would be a return to “selective killings” of Palestinian leaders, it would lead to a massive escalation with armed factions in Gaza and would not stop a wave of Palestinian attacks.

according to the Palestinian daily al qudso, Hamas Received a message from Israel through an Egyptian intermediary that it was not interested in escalation or murder. sinwar As long as the calm of recent months prevails and there are no rocket launches from Gaza.

Hamas’s warning

In any case and as a precaution, sinwar And the rest of the leaders of Hamas and other factions “went to the bunker” in Gaza. Spokesperson of the Armed Wing of Hamas, abu obedawarns that “cowardly threats of Israeli occupation regarding the possible assassination of Sinvar and other resistance leaders will provoke an earthquake and an unprecedented response across the region”.

“We will open a devastating new chapter in the history of the Zionist regime,” he said, warning that the Palestinian response would be much better seen in Israel’s last major escalation that occurred a year earlier, hinting at a return. of suicide attacks. Similar announcements have been launched by spokespersons for the second largest group in Gaza and Iran, also backed by Islamic Jihad.

In recent months many of the attackers were not part of a plan organized by a specific Palestinian group, but acted alone, reassuring messages from social networks and their leaders that “sacred al aqsa In the halls sacred to both Islam (Great Sanctuary) and Judaism (Temple Mount) clashes between police and Palestinians and the belief of many Palestinians that Israel intends to change its remain so He raised tensions in the always sensitive month of Ramadan, which this year coincided with the Jewish holiday of Pesach. Israel responds to allegations, says it does not want to change remain so in the sanctuary and “respects and guarantees the freedom of worship of Muslims in this enclosure that has been defiled by groups of Palestinian fundamentalists who instigate conflict”.

The religious element is important in the conflict between Israel and Palestine but the fear is that it will turn into a religious war.

Palestinian President, Abu MazeniThose who denounced “attacks against holy places” a few days ago warned Israel about the danger of lacking political horizon for a two-state solution with East Jerusalem as the capital of the Palestinian state.

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