Two suspects confess to killing missing British reporter and Amazon expert


Brazilian authorities find human remains at the site where brothers said they were buried

The police transferred one of the confessed killers, Oceni da Costa de Oliveira.edmar barrosAP

Two brothers imprisoned as prime suspects in the disappearance of a British journalist and a native of Brazil Brazilian Amazon Police sources quoted the press on Wednesday as saying that he has confessed to committing his murder.

According to information received from sources federal shelf Quoted by different media, the two arrested men confessed in separate interrogations that they had killed a British journalist eleven days earlier dom phillipsContributor to The Guardian newspaper, and Indigenous Bruno Arrazo Pereira,

The alleged confession of guilt came soon after federal police relocated the two brothers to the location where the disappearance took place on June 5, in an area of ​​the Amazon near the border. Brazil Thief To You ColombiaTo help find the dead bodies.

captive fishermen are brothers Amarildo da Costa OliveiraKnown as ‘Pelado’, and Osni da Costa de Oliveira, known as the ‘Two Saints’. The first was arrested last week and was considered the prime suspect and the second was arrested on Tuesday.

According to sources quoted by media outlets such as Bandirantes and the Globonnews television network, the brothers said they decided to commit the murder when Arazo surprised them into illegal fishing practices.

According to the story he took Arrazo and his companions into custody after they traveled to the so-called Javari Valley To collect material on a book Phillips was writing about the dangers to the Indians of the area, they were taken by a river to an isolated location where they were murdered, quartered, and their remains burned. Gone and was buried.

In an interview given by the President of Brazil this Wednesday, Jair Bolsonaroconfirmed that Phillips was “viewed badly in that area, as he had made several reports against ‘garimpiros’ (illegal miners) and the environmental issue.”

The far-right leader reiterated his opinion that both were aware of the danger they could run away from by traveling”completely inaccessible area” And so, they were not prudent.

Phillips and Arrazo’s track was lost on 5 June when they were traveling through the community of Sao Rafael To the city of Atalia do Norte. The two were traveling in a new boat, which contained 70 liters of gasoline, enough for the trip, and was last seen near the community. Sao GabrielA few kilometers away from Sao Rafael.

Arrazo, who has been working in the area for years and knows the area intimately, was the object of various threats from illegal miners and mafia of fishermen, loggers and even drug smugglers, the so-called Valle do Work in Jawari.

Phillips, for his part, has been a veteran journalist in Brazil for over 15 years and has collaborated with various international media, such as the Financial Times, the New York Times, and the Washington Post. They are currently working on research for a book on the Valle du Javari.

The disappearance of the journalist and indigenous has caused a great wave of concern among environmental movements and even some international organizations, such as United Nations High Commissioner for Human RightsWhich has urged the Brazilian government to strengthen searches.

This Wednesday, the British Prime Minister also expressed his “deep concern”, boris johnsonWho also offered help to Brazil to solve the matter.

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