Two-year-old boy accidentally shot and killed his father in Florida


The eldest of the couple’s three children, a five-year-old boy informed agents that it was his two-year-old brother who had shot their father in the back.

Students protest against weapons in America
Students protest against weapons in Americaalex brandonAP

Two-year-old boy accidentally shot and killed his father in Florida A loaded gun that was left unattended by his parents, Local officials gave this information on Monday.

On May 26, police took action at the victim’s residence near Orlando, central Florida, after receiving an emergency call.

Upon arrival, agents verified that a woman, Mary Ayala, She was giving her husband a cardiac massage. Reggie Mabry, that he had been shot.

man of 26 to The Orange County Sheriff told a press conference that he died in hospital shortly after, and that police at first thought he had committed suicide, John Meena.

But the eldest of the couple’s three children, a 5-year-old boy, told the deputy that it was his 2-year-old brother who shot his father in the back, the sheriff said.

The little boy found the gun in a bag that Mabry had left on the floor and asked. shot his father when he was playing a video game on the computer according to court documents.

When the incident happened, the entire family—parents, two boys and a five-month-old girl—were in the only bedroom of the house.

Mabry and Ayala were on parole after committing the crime offenses of child neglect and drug use, Sheriff Meena said.

28-year-old Ayala arrested by police after husband’s death involuntary manslaughter, Possession of a firearm by a convicted criminal and a violation of probation.

“Gun owners who don’t secure their guns properly are a fraction of a second away from these tragedies happening in their homes,” Mina said.

“Now these kids have lost both their parents. His father has died. His mother is in jail. And a boy has to live knowing that he has shot his father.”

The facts were revealed in the middle of a debate over gun control in the United States, which involved a series of shootings, including the death of 19 children at a Texas school on May 24.

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