UEFA Nations League: Ansu Fati plan that sees Qatar: Luis Enrique talks (and pampers), video session on strategy and 607 days of silence

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The Spanish coach sees in the young striker his flag for the World Cup and walks slowly with him. Anu has had four knee operations and is in a panic in the operating room.

Luis Enrique talks with Anu Fati during training.
Luis Enrique talks with Anu Fati during training.pablo garciaRFEF

It was already hot yesterday morning, when the anti-doping controls caused some delays, the team took to the pitch in La Rosaleda to complete the final training session of this express training camp. Perhaps tonight (at 8:45), if the duel against the Czech Republic is calm, Anu Fati (Bissau, 2002) will have his first minute in this mini-tour of the League of Nations. This will be his first time in 607 days, which have passed since his last night at the Kyiv Olympics. This was October 13, 2020. A month later, in Valdebebas, also against Ukraine, and becoming the youngest scorer in the history of the national team (17 years and 311 days), his future was darkened. A tear in the inner meniscus of his left knee would have resulted in four visits to the operating room and a forceful denial in his fifth. Hence the mental battle that is difficult to take lightly. So, despite the lack of rhythm and minutes, louisEnrique I called him three weeks ago.

“I have no doubt that Anu will return to her level. She is a unique player in her relationship with Lakshya. She, moreover, comes from a very difficult year, yes, but with the rhythm you need Will have to be that I consider for the player”, the coach maintained yesterday. “He is someone who works a lot and is very humble. It’s going to make him stronger,” said his teammate and captain at Barcelona. jordi alba,

During these 14 days of concentration, Koch has measured every detail from anu fati to the millimeter. Emotional care, above all, but also physical and tactical. Because the idea that the striker at that World Cup in Qatar is the flag of Spain is already looming on the horizon. For example, in Geneva, Luis Enrique rehearsed the shot on goal for about 20 minutes and ended plays with it. In almost every training session he has occasionally spent chatting with Anshu. Last week, in Prague, where he never even got to sit on a bench, he worked out before a game with a physical trainer in a park near the hotel.

There is no shortage of video sessions or tactical sips these days, especially without the ball, to soak up the details that the team will demand when it reaches its perfection. When the month of November comes (the start of the World Cup in Qatar) that I had looked so far during the recovery process that for months with no way out, it turned into a maze. They say that he panicked in the operating room and, in Madrid, with physio Joaquín Juan (he also helped pau gasoli), I got my smile back. In those February days, in the company of Radamel Falcaoopted for conservative treatment with stem cells to treat his muscle injury.

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Tears, uncontrollable, were companions of fatigue. “He didn’t have a normal recovery emotionally. He cried a lot and blamed her,” recalls those on that rough road. That’s why Luis Enrique, who is directly related xavi hernandezThe Barcelona coach has emphasized this emotional aspect above any other. planning to find it anu fati that he imagines to be his lighthouse in the Qatari desert. Huh Eric Garca, Gavic You Ferran TorresWith whom he has a close relationship in the Barca dressing room, with whom he spends most of his time in the national team.

Anu Fati during a training session in Prague.
Anu Fati during a training session in Prague.pablo garciaRFEF

a normal boy who orbits in that enigmatic universe George Mendes Under his father (Bori) and one of his four brothers (Brema). From the Sevillian town of Marinella to Barcelona, ​​where he was destined to be a spiritual and football guide, he therefore inherited the ’10’. Leo Massey, of which I noted its launch, and was renewed last fall with a section of 1,000 million euros. Xavi is waiting for you there. If Barcelona were unable to sign a striker this summer, Anu will take that role, even if he chooses to play at the left. Another point of responsibility, as their coach knows they have great potential to take it on.

From his room at the Vinci Posada del Patio Hotel, he fantasized about those minutes against the Czech Republic yesterday. First in almost two years. And Anu often breaks her silence out loud. Luis Enrique would like nothing more.

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