UEFA Nations League: Barra’s lowest salary and stalled renewal: How much does Gavi cost, national team sensation?


The youngest scorer in the history of the national team is the only outfield player to have played two full matches. “Their faith is priceless,” says Luis Enrique. His renewal with Bara is still on hold

Gavi celebrates his goal with Spain
Gavi celebrated his goal with Spain.roman vondrossAP
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Gavic Since Sunday night, the youngest scorer in the history of the Spanish team. His inside shot from inside the box was done in 17 years 304 days, which was ‘seven less than’ anu fati When he scored against Ukraine in Valdebebas in the fall of 2020, amid a pandemic. Gavi is the only outfield footballer who is exempt. Unai Simn, who has played 180 minutes against Portugal and Czech Republic. In both appointments, he was the best Spanish. Against the Portuguese, he headed counter for goal and gave Soler another assist which was not a miracle goal. Against the Czechs, on Sunday, they made the first draw and played till the last seconds.

“If there was a confident player in Spain against the Czech Republic, it was Gavi. Either he shoots or he gets to the field. That confidence is priceless. How much is he worth?”, the coach reflected after the game. is, leaving a question in the air which is very relevant as the footballer is in the middle of the renewal process with Barra, where it does not seem Xavi have only one belief luis enrique, However, the board of Laporta wants to have the baby as soon as possible, and it’s not going to be easy for them.

“This goal is a million more than it sounds of peas As for Laporta”, at Sinobo Stadium on Sunday night, heard from the mouth of someone who knows very well what happens in Barra. Relations between Laporta and the boy’s agent, Ivan de la Pea, are somewhat strained. The president said that they sent an offer, something that the footballer rejected Matthew German and agent. Barra wants to renew the termination clause to increase it over the current 50 million, a ridiculous figure given the player’s growth.

who earns the least

How much does Gavi cost? That is the question now facing Barcelona. From the footballer’s environment, as well, he remembers that he is the one who earns the least team, whose salary does not exceed 100,000 euros per year, a very curious figure that he is receiving.

“I know him very well, I’ve been watching Gavi’s videos since I was 13 or 14. They all highlight his race, his character, but what he does with the ball is so much better. Give it time. If the Gavi thing spread to all the players, something that is very difficult, it would be wonderful”, continued Luis Enrique, explaining his devotion. Since he made his League of Nations Final Four debut last October, he has been a starter in all official matches, including the World Cup matches against Greece and Sweden in November. He only made his debut on the bench in the March friendly against Finland.

one of the two indoor stalls adjacent Buskets It’s yours if nothing strange happens. The second will be for Pedri, with the team once again having an exclusively Barca starting midfielder. Meanwhile, the boy stays away from the microphone as Barra and the Federation’s press department prefer to keep him in the background. His tremendous youth, the issues that surround him and that he still doesn’t have too many tables in front of microphones, make him admonish. In this concentration, the dozen interviews requested have again been denied, and it doesn’t look like he’s going to hold any press conferences.

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