UEFA Nations League: Lessons from ‘teacher’ Luis Enrique: “The best thing about Nadal isn’t that he wins, it’s when he loses that he reflects”


The coach wished the Spaniard all the best in his Roland Garros final just before the match against the Czech Republic.

National coach Luis Enrique.
National coach Luis Enrique.PGRFEF

Life ahead of selection passes silently. Among other things, there are no major shocks as the Luis Enrique volcano is quiet. With the press the previous appearances have to offer, without the sharp edges Technician’s most didactic version, which stops at prolific explanations on purely football issues. A tone of ‘teacher’ that reviews the qualities that the forward should have, the reasons why they have not called more than 23 footballers for the European Championship.

In fact, for the next World Cup, he said that after the selectors’ meeting in Qatar, it is possible that FIFA will allow 23 more to be called, but in any case all of them will be called for matches. “Because, some of them, speaking of the selectors, they came to the conclusion that taking 23 plus, and then two or three footballers left without dressing, was not the best thing for coexistence. Many of you were surprised when we only 23 . tookBut it has been shown that we were right”, explained the coach, who will make several changes against the Czech Republic this Sunday.

The coach also reflected on the defeats of great teams these days. France, Croatia and Belgium They lost at the start of this League of Nations. “It’s been three years since the friendship ended. My first game as coach was at Wembley, two years later, against Germany in Stuttgart… I’ve heard some players comment that all games are in high demand, but I like it.” They like them, because they let you grow. The parity prevails and we are going to lose all points, especially away from home”, he said.

Of course, one of the questions was for the great Spanish sporting event this weekend. “Buttonhole” Rafael Nadal Win 14th, 15th and as many as you want. It is a source of pride for anyone who is Spanish feels that Rafa Nadal represents our country. Hopefully we can sing that title, because the best thing about Rafa Nadal is not when he wins, but when he loses, what he represents. And if the latter team can win by playing a good game, even better,” said the coach, who predicted a “very tough” match against the Czech Republic, the group leader after their victory on the first day against Switzerland. .

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