UEFA Nations League: Luis Enrique: “There will be surprises before the World Cup”


The coach is using the appointment in Qatar as a spring so that such concentration in June, for a long time and at the end of the season, is not mentally discarded by the team.

Luis Enrique during an appearance in Villamare
Luis Enrique, during an appearance at Wilmarn.EFE
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There are rare cases in the list of these 25 players who have been with Spain for four League of Nations matches. anu fatiWho has played only 14 matches this year. Mark Asensio, who had not come for a long time. either thiagowho left Coexistence this Friday because he could not recover from his injury, but was called by luis enrique For the first time since the European Championships. Those are remarkable cases. The lists are fewer and fewer – “I’m more and more predictable”, the coach himself admitted this Wednesday in Seville – but there are still ones. And many more will happen.

“The players are not stupid, and the rosters are always open. There will be surprises before the World Cup, because youngsters show up with a lot of strength or others who are not so young return to perform at the top level. We are a coaching The staff are as always open to all those innovations”, said the Asturian coach, relaxing in the heated press room at Benito Wilmarn. This was not the only ‘warning’ the coach gave.

In another response that had nothing to do with it, he said: “It’s true that it’s the end of the season, that the players’ minds are on vacation, but it’s always important to represent Spain, and we haven’t forgotten that.” There is a World Cup four or five months from now and everyone would like to be in it.” Luis Enrique, logically, is using the World Cup as a spring so that such concentration in June, too long and at the end of the season, is not mentally discarded by the team.

Furthermore, he confirmed that Anu is here more to integrate into the dynamics than to be important in these conflicts, that Marco Asensio is a player he admires very much and, above all, the one he adores the most. Is Buskets, “I rested him in March, but now I can’t give myself much pleasure, because these games are official. We need the best version of the national team and that version is with the Busquets,” he said.

Busquets after Ramos and Casilla

The captain, for his part, who returns from rest in March, will overtake xavi hernandez against Portugal this Thursday, and will be the third highest-performing player in the selection (134). further, just Sergio Ramos (180) e iker casillas (166). “I am not considering taking him,” joked the Barra footballer, who has been shot twice for Madrid’s Champions League. Elegant as ever, he is clear: “If they have won the Champions League it is because they deserve it. In one specific match you may get lucky, but when there are many matches, it is no longer valid. I have felt healthy and jealous watching matches so it means being in the finals and winning them. We have to work on what we have to do in our club and in the national team as well.”

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