UEFA Nations League: Luis Enrique’s certainties and doubts five months before the World Cup in Qatar


The group’s strengths, along with Gavi’s consolidation, is one of assets. With the magnifying glass on Eric Garcia, behind the uncertainty lies the biggest concern.

Luis Enrique during the match against Repo
Luis Enrique during the match against Czech Republic.Daniel PerezEFE

Five months before the trip to Qatar, Luis Enrique, who has experienced conditions of all colors at the World Cup as a player, is not worried about what is to come. “I have the same certainty as before starting this window,” he assured, satisfied with what he had seen in four Nations League games. There will still be two more tests in September (Switzerland and Portugal), before the premiere at the World Cup (23 November). The coach claims he has “45 or 50 players”, although many of those who stepped out on Sunday’s La Rosalada seem to be unpredictable, except immovable in their scores. Of course, there are always doubts, but there are many certainties that he handles in this transit towards the long-awaited Qatari desert.

+ Belief in the game idea. In just three days, which ended with a minor victory over the party at La Rosalada in Geneva, Luis Enrique converted nine of his starting eleven. Everything was new between his goalkeeper (Unai Simone) and his forward (Lavaro Morata). They don’t change plans, with the idea of ​​turning the revolutionaries, sharing the minutes. Whoever takes possession of the wings (Olmo, Asensio, who embroidered it in La Rosaleda, Ferran, Sarabia …), whoever keeps the backbone or whoever raises the defensive wall, the idea, in several moments Aggressive, less pronounced in others, it is immovable. Although anu fati He hasn’t played a minute in this window, he has enough to watch tactical videos so that the coach’s idea is well present when his time comes.

+ Group strength. There is an image that speaks for itself. Minutes after the victory against the Czech Republic in Málaga, after going around the stadium with respect and, at the same time, jumping and dancing on the grass like those year-end school parties, 23 players (Ansu Fati, Robert Sánchez) Or David Raya, who didn’t play a minute in this window) posed gleefully in the locker room like someone who had just won a title. In the aisles of the City of Football in Las Rojas, the group that Luis Enrique weaves, his strength stands out. A chemistry that needs no explanation. pictures, such as birthday photos Unai SimnLast Saturday, speak for yourself.

Gavi during the match against Repo
Gavi during the match against Czech Republic.jose bretonAP

+ Consolidation of GAVI. In the press room of La Rosaleda, at the same stage where he had given her a touch of attention the previous day, Luis Enrique surrendered to her charm. “He’s an erupting volcano. It’s hard not to fall in love with him,” admitted the coach, who bet on him eight months ago during the ‘Final Four’ of League of Nations. Despite those arguments, he fell at his feet about his youth and lack of experience that the technician ignored. Since then, he has played in all nine games for the national team, totaling 673 minutes and has been crucial in some of them. In this window he left Seville and Málaga lauded and, with his goal in Prague, he became the youngest scorer in the history of the national team, lowering his teammate’s and friend’s record by one week. Is. anu fati, which seemed unattainable: 17 years and 304 days. To be of legal age for the World Cup and by all means.

+ Very hungry, some coconut. “Ask the rivals if we are candidates for something,” said Luis Enrique with a half smile, who was used to always bundling every detail around the national team. He sees his team as no less than anyone in Europe and only Argentina, perhaps Brazil, a floor higher on his way to his first World Cup as coach. at the head of a group of young people, stringed together by the veteran of Buskets hey albathan even coke hey carvajal, Everyone is living happily for months, with those unsung semi-finals of the European Championship against Italy or the final of the League of Nations against France. Till now, always one step away from heaven. This is also the fuel of this choice, which is hungry for something that will make them eternal.

– Rear uncertainty. Though the coach puffed up his after party in Málaga, defying any value judgment Eric Garca, the debate behind has not been resolved. Not very little. Not for hobby. without La Porteinjured, has been ego martínez, diego lorente, pau torres And Eric himself who shared the minutes in the rear axis. Following his slip in Prague, the Barca defender remains under a magnifying glass across the window. Even in the stands of La Rosaleda there was an early fumble every time the ball hit their area. Spain have scored three goals in four games, but it would have been something else if it had not been for Unai Simeone, who was the decider on Sunday. To play a vital role in the World Cup, adjustment in the rearguard is necessary. It can’t just be the name.

Iago Martinez against Czech Republic.jose bretonAP

– Absence of players with hierarchy. Barcelona captain (Buskets), of the Atlantic (coke) o del Chelsea (azpilicueta) bring your strength and experience to a locker room, which, however, lacks the hierarchy that iconic football games expressed at other times, which is not so far off. since Sergio Ramos For Iniesta, going through Xavi Or Iker Casillas, to speak of some recent ones. And on the lawn, waiting anu fati is prepared physically and mentally, that pedri Comes back completely and Gavi comes of age, something like that happens. The League of Nations may have sufficed, but the World Cup, with the still recent experience of the European Championship, requires something more.

– A Plan B is missing. Any disturbance during the match affects (and heavily) this selection. Because his quality of taking his idea of ​​the game to the end sometimes becomes a sentence of sorts. Spain goes ahead with its plan no matter what happens. And sometimes, although it is less beautiful, less conservative measures are needed in this case. Measures as basic as hanging the balls in search of a head in the field. It’s that easy. That Plan B doesn’t seem like an option for this team at the moment. And this, obviously, carries its risks.

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