UEFA Nations League: Marco Asensio seeks permission from Gavic for ticket…


The Real Madrid player, with his future up in the air, leads the attack until the Andalusian are gone. Both attracted goals from Carlos Soler and Sarabia, two footballers with uncertain destiny.

Marco Asensio in a feud with Gemelka.
Marco Asensio in a feud with Gemelka.AFP

a marco asensio He didn’t mind being the last player luis enrique that at the beginning gave him ownership of League of Nations, He is used by Ancelotti to play a secondary role, without the talents of the others, but capable of snapping. Balearic wants to fight to be included in World Cup list where he knows they are missing pedri, oarzabali, Gay it is included Gerard Moreno, and does not miss the opportunity to claim. He wants his ticket to Qatar.

249 days off the field due to a torn ligament has been a tough test, compounded by a number of other discomforts that have changed his game and which have left him out of the raid. He gave no respite to the Czech defense until he managed to score a goal off Carlos Soler and offered him a second which Valencian could not take advantage of. Balearic was a nightmare for Gemelka, chopping, focusing and seeking Morata, Even facing lone goalkeeper Mandaus claimed a demolition for a penalty. On his right wing, Spain’s sporting support came at a time when the team and Marco Asensio himself needed it most. With only one year left on his contract at Real Madrid, he reveals to Daisy about his future.

He wants to be the hero and this season he hasn’t been and neither at the Bernabeu do they guarantee he will be. Renewal is a risky bet with the World Cup in Qatar. The change of scene is also a big challenge when you drop the European champions. Lucy in Spain’s performance, and it is beneficial for the footballer … and for Real Madrid.

Asensio found an ally in another player last night who raised his price: Carlos Solar, His time at Valencia appears to be coming to an end when he dazzles Luis Enrique, who has discovered more in these two weeks of concentration than in the entire previous season as Valencianista. To this he adds goals in three out of nine matches as a full international. As an arrival from yesterday, the teams who want to increase it bid, at 58 minutes, to occupy the gap from the second row. At the moment I only think of going on vacation and fulfilling my dreams, which has been a very good year since the Olympic Games, he limited himself to saying.

To appear wearing the same shirt for Asensio and Solar women’s team Before the next European Championship in England Unai Simn After a draw in Prague (2-2) a week ago, the initially upbeat Czech Republic celebrated their 25th birthday with two impressive saves. The athletic goalkeeper again erased the defensive imbalance that reappeared, scaring the packed stand of La Rosaleda. Two in the first part and one clearing in the second.

handed over to Gavic

However, the footballer who put the fans in his pocket was once again guilty. Despite Luis Enrique’s ‘warnings’ the Andalusian has become one of the main attractions of the team, at the age of 17 and with only nine international caps, his vision of the game despite Luis Enrique’s ‘warnings’ is due to. Time on the bench: A friendly against Iceland at Riazor in March. He was barely on the field for 15 minutes when he drew and executed a play that ended the win with a goal by another footballer, Sarabia, whose future is in the air that has shone in this window.

who is still waiting for his return anu fati, The national team did not have a comfortable game, so Luis Enrique doubted whether it would be convenient to give a minute to a footballer who is 65% and who only watches doubles from the bench after an injury to Ral de Tomas. He will have to wait 607 days away from the national team to play again and rebuild his spirits.

Portugal is stumbling in Switzerland

The win against the Czech Republic placed Spain as the leader of Group 2 after a stumbling block. Portugal in Geneva. Last Thursday’s win, with another solitary goal by Sarabia, captured the importance assigned to it by Luis Enrique, given that the Portuguese had three points and left the lead. Switzerland took the lead with a goal in the first minute of the game seferovich And also Portugal could not match in the remaining 99 and added one. Fernando Santos could not do anything, who had left Cristiano Ronaldo at home.

Nothing did Fernando Santos, who left Cristiano Ronaldo in Portugal in another sign that Qatar could be his international goodbye.

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