UEFA Nations League: Morata and the principle of eternal return


The striker, essential for Luis Enrique today, faces another summer with his future up in the air. “I want to play where they value me the most,” says

Morata hugged Cristiano after the game.
Morata hugged Cristiano after the game.EFE
  • mold Spain plays, Portugal hits

The days of 24 international players abiding by the orders of luis enrique And he has to play four games in 11 days. After the first, having resolved in a draw against the other great favorites of the League of Nations group, Portugal, yesterday the coach gave them a break. After light training at Sports City Betis, they had dinner at the hotel and many people watched Nadal’s match together. Hours before that end, the campaign travels to Prague, where tomorrow faces a second duel against the Czech Republic.

was one of the most interested in watching tennis lavro morata, the type on which many appear to be such that the selection rests. He scored his 26th goal against Portugal in 53 games wearing this shirt since his debut, playing 10 minutes against Belarus on 15 November 2014 (his first goal was against Ukraine in March 2015). more than yesterday butragueo on the scorer’s list, and his next goal is moriantes, which contains another (27). “It’s an honor to see that number and be close to the names I grew up admiring. Butragueo, Morientes, hereo… they are all people I know and who have always treated me with great affection,” he explained in Seville on Thursday night, after hearing, from a small adjoining room, Luis Enrique dedicated to him. Cruel praise.

“Lavaro has scored 26 goals in 53 games. This year he hasn’t stood out in his club, but he’s at his normal number. Referential because he has to go down to get. He would have contributed to our game in progress. That’s where he’s been brilliant. He gives us solutions, consistency, he’s very powerful physically, with good hitting. He’s a guy of six feet and several centimeters… in short, he’s a very interesting The striker is there. And on the defensive plane he is the one who initiates the pressure, directing it towards the wingers at the base of the central defender, he decides to press. He and the wingers are the first defenders, and I love lvaro I do”. The entire words of Luis Enrique are worth a read as they define the relationship between the two very well.


It is known that during the European Championships there was a lot of criticism against the striker. And Luis Enrique, in easily publicized conversations with his players through the federation’s official channels, defended them in front of the entire nation. “I am very grateful to the coach. He has defended me in difficult moments, and I am very grateful to him for the confidence he has given me,” replied Morata, one of the footballers to whom the people above him Trust is essential. “We have a great team here. Starting with the staff, the kit man, the doctors, the material gatherers… we have a great group, not just the players. We are all happy when we come here ,” says someone who investigated, not surprisingly, in the last summons from March, there was no request to interview him. There has been one for this, but he has abandoned them all. Why?

He doubts, and he doubts well that what is up in the air with Spain, beyond his numbers, and what they were going to ask him, was his future. We are facing another summer in which Morata does not know where he is going to play next year. Juventus did not execute the buyout option they had, and negotiations between the Italians and Atlético for a definitive transfer are not going to be successful. So the guy is, in theory, going to start the preseason with Atletico, a club with which he still has a two-year contract. However, in the Wanda offices they continue to look for a way out, as they are reunited with simone Do not accept any side. They didn’t end well and now the coach doesn’t even care about the player and the player wants to be on the bench at the start of the season, because his passion is, of course, the World Cup.

“My future doesn’t depend on me. I’m calm, because I have my wife and kids who follow me wherever I go. There are priorities, of course, but well, in the end I have many options, God’s Thankfully, I am lucky, and as such it is not up to me … All I have left is to work very hard with the national team now and then on holidays,” Juve, who owns 12 goals and 9 assists, said on Thursday. where since January he was displaced by vlahovic Played from the centre-forward spot, and lying on one side. He dropped yes, a curious phrase. “I want to play where they are most interested in me playing. One likes to be where they are loved the most and valued the most”. At Atletico they value him, but not as much as he wants, so between the two sides they will look for solutions for the rest of the summer.

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