UEFA Nations League: Spain goes on holiday with joy under its arm


They beat the Czech Republic with goals from Soler and Sarabia (2–0) and finished first in the group after a loss to Portugal. Simon avoided two goals.

Pablo Sarabia celebrates his goal against rape
Pablo Sarabia celebrates his goal against the Czech Republic.Daniel PerezEFE

Spain went on vacation with adrenaline and high spirits. With the peace and quiet of having found a good chunk of what he was looking for. He did so with a victory against the Czech Republic, drowning in a mass bath in Málaga, thanks to the whipping. solr You Sarabia (2-0). He did so as the leader of his group in the League of Nations, after Portugal was derailed in Switzerland. throw a smile in the sky Luis Enrique, Satisfied with victory with few things to disdain. That was about it.

As a revolutionary no one beat Koch, he stood in La Rosalada with a revolution in his starting eleven. He only reiterated about the recent duel in Geneva. Unai Simn (the player who has used the most since becoming a coach) and lavro morata, He changed the defensive line from left to right, as well as the center of the field, and with his striker Dani Olmo You marco asensio, After all, this League of Nations is designed to achieve certain certainties ahead of the World Cup in Qatar. This Sunday, left with some in Malaga, Spain.

And that, despite the initial dominance of the selection, heightened by the noise and color of the enthusiastic Andalusian stand, it was the Czech Republic that first struck fear into the body. Its three points Cerny, sand You kuchta, run with sharp fangs in search of error. Thanks to the confidence of Simon’s opening game and also some of the weak points that he already squeezed in last week in Prague, where the victory didn’t get him into the sunset ego martínezWho held the flag in the back of Spain this Sunday after being off the bench of a hard-fought duel in Geneva.

asensio, inclined

The Czechs pressed on and it was they who could advance on the scoreboard. chance luck Cerny After a quarter of an hour, with a shoe from outside the area that Simone interrupted without difficulty. and repeated almost immediately kuchta, who galloped to the middle of the field after an error by Marcos Alonso, but Luis Enrique’s untouchable Simon, before the delirium of La Rosalada, returned to save Spain. He chanted his last name. Spain had not yet calibrated the target MandausHe had only two caps and was the third goalkeeper for the Czechs.

In those moments of trouble, while Luis Enrique corrected the situation Eric GarcaThe adrenaline rush for Spain, which the rival rams had repeatedly asked for. His first shot on goal ended in a goal. drama is woven AsensioWho scattered many drops of that genius, and perfected it Carlos Solar, the midfielder who probably has the most goals in this selection. He has had three of his nine international games and it was he who unsung La Rosalada and made his team the leader, as Portugal fell to Switzerland from the start of their duel.

Soler has as much ammunition as he is hungry and this is good news for Luis Enrique on his way to Qatar. His second shot, in another affair with Asensio, did not hit the target. Marko claimed the penalty on his knees that neither Turk Kakir Nor is VaR supposed to be so. You Morata, despite the fact that he didn’t get the balls to finish, he got tired of putting them down on his back in the middle of that jungle of piranhas, the boots of the Czech defenders. This is another quality that the beating ram hides and it can be useful in one of those complicated nights that usually appear on the road.

Serbia’s opportunism

from right boot Eric Garca, who suffers between his fangs but embroiders it when it’s time to raise his head, could spread another joy for Spain. i broke down Dani Olmo Went into space and looked for other Asensio help for a variety of reasons. Till then the young man was jogging happily Gavic On the pitch in Malaga, who celebrated their entry on the field as if Spain had scored second. The kid, whom Luis Enrique had wanted to touch the day before, lifted the stadium up a diabolical zigzag that didn’t lead to any destination. Rose Garden called her name and clapped like Mandaus He took off his shoe.

and newcomers appeared in them Sarabia, as opportunistic as ever in this selection where it is important, to perpetuate the intrigue. The play that began with Gavi, which is pure lightning, was continued by Ferran Torres and ended with one of those military salutes that have already become a classic for Luis Enrique’s team.

Although there are still some issues to be resolved, although the World Cup still seems far-fetched, Spain went on a peaceful holiday and reconciled itself if necessary. He does so as the leader of his League of Nations group. She does so, also convinced she has a plan. He did it between Raphael’s strings and his big night. Because, without a doubt, it was.

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