UEFA Nations League: Spain leaves more doubt than certainty after bad night against Czech Republic


Without defense, with little rhythm of the game, only one header from Iago Martinez saves the point.

Gavi fights for a hair
Gavi fights for the ball with a Czech player.AP
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This is nothing new, as it has been said many times. The identity of this selection is clear based on the definite views of its coach. With the ball, a more or less long property, with a game of more or less mechanical position and playing inside to finish outside before reaching the field. Without the ball, press across the ground and drop back at full speed if the opponent gets past that pressure. That, everything is clear. And that has given him a European Championship semi-final and a Nations League final against France, and is better than his opponent in both cases. But it also gives him firecrackers like damage Ukraine and Swedentie against Poland or tomorrow. The idea is always the same, but the average level of players allows them to beat anyone on a good day and a weak day… well, they’re gonna lose czech republic,

the goal of ego martínez In the end, it makes for a bad night and allows us to continue with the options in this League of Nations, but we have a bad taste in our mouths. It’s worth emphasizing: this is no surprise. This team can beat the world champions and draw while battling the Czech Republic. This is the reality, good and bad, which are the same in Spain.

Another hallmark of this team’s hallmark is that the players don’t have it. Identity, it is understood in the sense that system and idea are above names. With regard to the struggle against Portugal, he only reiterated Sarabia, Gavic You Unai Simn, And the team played the same, but it was worse. Also from the start, where misinterpretation of offside carvajal After four minutes they let the check proceed sand.. Since then, Spain has crashed into two rows of five of the Czech Republic, who did not fight until they suffered the madness of their own coach.

Spain could not figure out a single way for the goalkeeper for 40 minutes. inside, coke And gavi, they were barely visible, the ends did not overflow and no one was able to filter the pass. Tom’s Roll Malviva was harassed by the centres, and overtook. But in minute 43 the conflict between Sarabia and to know Checks prevented from being chased. Well, coach Jaroslav Silhavi, I decided to try to endure the four-minute leeway without compensating for the loss. The team was badly imbalanced and there I found Gavi (since yesterday.) Youngest scorer in national team history at 17 years and 304 days, surpassing Anu Fati by seven) a nightly draw that still looked bad for the national team.

another scenario

Where did I enter, after the break Ferran Better team, by Sarabia, perhaps to deal with sensations a bit more, but the first thing that happened was a face-off kuchta Again taking advantage of the misinterpretation of the line by the defence. The striker kicked him and the Spaniard took a breather. At that time, Luis Enrique forever said, Morata by Ral De Tomes, to Asensio By Elm tree already Buskets By Rodri, He touched the first ball, Morata left Asensio on the run and his shot hit the post.

The game was going downhill for the team, which nonetheless insisted on shooting itself in the foot again. it was Eric Garcaperhaps the most inexplicable urge luis enrique, He is not reminded of any qualification in the 16 games he played with Spain, and is reminded, instead, of a terrible season like yesterday, where he didn’t give rights (Carvajal too). He missed the bitch mark, and he followed the move from the front, so that by the time he turned and wanted to run behind the striker, it was too late. The scoreboard pushed Spain back, who had options to equalize before Iago Martínez, with a header from Asensio, at least made this version of Spain.

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