UEFA Nations League: Spain plays, Portugal hits


The team defeated an opponent who, however, was more conspicuous and ultimately achieved a tie. Gavi’s great match

Morata is followed by a tackle from Mutinho.
Morata is followed by a tackle from Mutinho.Jose Manuel VidalEFE
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Certainly Spain deserved more awards this Thursday against Portugal, undoubtedly one of the best teams of the moment, at least if you look at their list of footballers, many of them settled in the elite and some of them were trying to get Lion, a toothache for those who have to measure it. Certainly Spain deserved more because it was the one who put in the most effort, the one who offered the most and the one who arranged the most, but a much more specific group was measured. Spain played better, but Portugal fought hard, so things ended in a draw, which is no play for anyone. All the competition is ahead.

It was not the other Thursday night, perhaps because footballers, whatever they say, are attacked by a point of laziness when faced with these games. Then, already involved in the work, it’s something else, but in the beginning, a competition still without pedigree, with the first heat of June, after a whole year of fighting … so both teams came out, especially the Portuguese Bagpipes with the passage of time to get angry. Spain, for their part, began with skepticism stemming from stubbornness, not necessarily bad, in playing the ball.

diego lorenteThe great innovation in the lineup, which can be recognized from everything else, was forced by Santos’ team to drop between that side and the central, laurente You azpilicueta He had a bad time. Portugal’s obsession with preventing the start of the game pau torres You jordi alba Something got choked when the ball came out. Luis Enrique’s team at first found it difficult to pass through midfield to overcome Portuguese pressure, and they barely came close. diego costa to the target. Prior to this, a shot at fifteen minutes by Leo was Portugal’s card of introduction, surprisingly without opening Cristiano Ronaldo, Fernando Santos heard voices that the country was betting that CR would give way to the right Leo and those sitting on the left who are still great men.

Morata’s goal

Everything changed in the 25th minute. When Portugal were at their best, certainly lying on the Spanish turf, a poor execution of a corner turned into an electric counterattack, led by Gavic, There was a dispute in the inner part of the enclosure and he started running like a demon. they saved him Sarabiawhat I got, and Morata, who terminated the service of his companion. Morata is one of those players who multiplies his performance with confidence, and luis enrique At the moment it gives you a lot.

Morata celebrated his goal.
Morata celebrated his goal.Jose Manuel VidalEFE

shortly after he was able to solr With a 2-0 double serve shot, again from Gavi, by then already the best of the Sevillian night. Portugal continued with the threat, covert, introduced by its footballers, high-level types such as Bernardo Silva ormutinho, Andre Silva sent a shot wide in the 34th minute at the half-turn and the match went into half-time, without seeing the dreadful night that Ferran Torres was sending, owning as many deliveries as he had received.

Things along the way were just as hazy at the beginning, but this time the Portuguese woke up to Spain with two chances that weren’t miraculous goals, especially one by Leo, for Azpilicueta, a nuisance overnight. Cristiano entered the match with half an hour to go, but there was no news of him. And as the night went on in Spain, the matter was getting worse. He began to find places he had been denied in the first half and, after getting out of the Portuguese ambush with some ease, he had few options, the most obvious being a face-off with Morata who went on.

He did not know how to close the game in that section and saw how, in a defensive imbalance, he allowed gedes Find the freeway on the right. With Defense Advanced, hortus He just had to push her. The team responded well, whose header was very clear jordi alba That second goal would certainly have been fairer for an empty door, but since the game isn’t about justice, the tie stayed there. And no drama.

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