UEFA Nations League: Spain sweats to stay alive in Nations League


Thanks to a goal from Pablo Sarabia, a very nervous team kept their options at the end

Sarabia celebrates Spain's goal
Serbia celebrates Spain’s goal against Switzerland.EFE

South Spain, and much more, played against the clock to survive in this League of Nations. with a goal from Sarabia in one of the few options he was able to generate before a disorientation Swissset out to chase Portugal Until the last game, of course, on 27 September in Braga. Spain sweated profusely until the last moment, when the referee prevented the locals from taking corner kicks on the final night of what had previously been no miracle target defensive bullshit What is this team pouring out in every game. As luck would have it yesterday, they didn’t get fit and registered their first win in three matches. Hopefully better times will come as far as football is concerned. [Narracin y estadsticas]

who and who is starting to reduce Choked on this marathon of national team matches The Spanish, which does not contribute to breaking the monotony with its game plan, immovable, immovable, untouchable. When the goalkeeper begins play, he passes it to the center back, center back or midfielder or winger, again to the midfielder or winger, then to the inside player, at most one winger. The forward, who returns to face-to-face play, probably ends up at the other end and starts again. There is some sensibility in this football, maximally academic, with little given for improvisation, partly also because rivals don’t take much damage with a succession of passes and they rarely sabotage their plans in search of damage. dare to If, as is the case with Switzerland after the European Championship, it is a team under construction, even less. There is little left in the group that left France in the gutter in the round of 16 and took Spain on penalties in the quarter-finals of the European Championship. Orderly, but timid, he took no risk except in that finalInspired by the errors of the visiting defence.

introduced to the team luis enrique Just a fascinating novelty. to inspire mark lorente Near Busketswho regained his place, and before him Gavic, who plays it all, probably because he is 17 years old and less tired than his teammates (yesterday he also had time to make a hat for the opponent in front of his field). And it was certainly the Atletico player, possibly the most physically enthusiastic of the team, who turned the game against the Czech Republic into something different.

single target

one of his actions after a good pressure of Ferran Torres, led 0-1. He endured the onslaught of the centre-back, who came out at the wrong time, got into the area and his pass was pushed by Sarabia, who reached like a shot. Target Review VAR . had done, and judging by some shots it can be said that the Sporting de Portugal player had a slightly forward leg, but the fact is that the technique gave fine. Spain were thus an hour ahead of the quarter, a perfect scenario for a team that finds it difficult to move the meter forward. This was not the case, as Switzerland did not lose the first two despite losing the third game of the group. He remained in his own part and said that he would not get another chance.

The other funny situation that Spain sometimes creates is when they counterattack the opponent, but yesterday there was no opportunity for him until 80 minutes so that the first half passed before the eyes of the staff with more pain than glory. MorataThe ball was impeccable in reception, could not spin, and had no track of the ends.

Switzerland came out with a lot of momentum after the break and shook Spain a bit with some corners and some skirmishes. shqiri On the left The set pieces provide an enduring sense of insecurity in the Spanish region, perhaps supported not by numbers, but by the environment. And, it should be noted, yesterday the team didn’t have any clear shots until the last minute, thanks to better pressure from above and more credibility from the centres, an amazing version in particular. pau torres,

Spain did not move a muscle and continued on its own. new arrivals Dani Olmo before and Asensio You coke Later, with 20 minutes remaining, but the dynamics did not change. When Luis Enrique says that this team is what everyone plays, he is right, but it’s also valid to explain that, at times, all players sound alike. The novelty this time was that Asensio was placed as a center forward in a row of three from the top. The Madridista, like the rest, was immersed in the dynamics of the game, unable but feverishly gifted, until an unexpected departure from Unai Simone sparked Switzerland. diego lorente and even someone as trustworthy azpilicueta, Fortunately for Luis Enrique, the goal did not come through and this forced Spain to continue fighting for first place in the group.

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