UEFA Nations League: The mud reaches the national team: “No explanation to Rubiales”


The bloody war between the Federation and LaLiga divides Spain’s concentration, which is played against Switzerland this Thursday.

Luis Rubiales in conversation with sports director Josso
Luis Rubiales chats with José Francisco Molina, Sports Director in Geneva.pablo garciaRFEF

Certainly when you read this, no matter how early in the morning, many employees of the Federation and LaLiga have long been awake, analyzing the ammunition with which the war between the two organizations and those who preside over them is every now and then. renews in the morning, louis rubiales aside and Xavier Thebes for another. The information and leaks are mixed until they are diluted into a magma with a rotten smell, which is marking this concentration in relation to the Spanish team, no matter the body that Tries to isolate the team from whatever is happening.

It so happens that, in these times, it is impossible to isolate any group, dotted, like all that are being published. It reaches the players and coaching staff, though they are trapped in the spectacular Mandarin Oriental in Geneva on the shores of Lake Lemon. In concentration hotels in Spain, the team and the players’ most direct allies occupy one floor, while the rest of the campaign, including the president and his entourage, are always attentive to new publications, which this week have arrived in the team for the first time, because The fee charged by players to stay here has come to light, although the federation denies those 25,000 euros per game for each footballer.,

Does this condition affect the players? We have an important game against Switzerland and we try to isolate ourselves as much as we can. We come here and try to stay on edge, although the ramifications of being president are great. I’ve known Rubiales a long time, I know what he’s like as a person, and he doesn’t have to explainThe captain said this on Wednesday, Sergio Busquets, who spoke for the second time in a week. He told me that you are missing me, joking.

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Alam is that the situation is getting worse and worse. There is a feeling on both sides that, this time, only one can remain. Either Thebes or Rubiales. Or that both fall. League matches in the United States, Friday and Monday schedules or pool percentages, brutality, wild, can be felt as audio of one and the other side, as after fighting a more or less short-lived fight. Clearly this needs to end. No one dares to say when that will end, because the fronts are many. Because, with leaks here and there, apart from some and others employing quit tactics via the media, the truth is that the legal mess needs to be reviewed.

Without going further, Luis Rubiales announced this Thursday about the lawsuit filed by Javier Tebas in Switzerland in which he accused him of slander during a UEFA meeting. Also, her uncle and former right-hand man, Juan Rubialeshas initiated two other legal actions against the Federation, one for harassment (Crowd) and the other due to pressure. In addition, there is a complaint of David Aganzo, President of the AFE, to spy in front of the Civil Guard, and another from the ecclesiastical union Manos Limpias in the Madrid Court. But it still has two more waterways. On the one hand, an ongoing investigation by an anti-corruption prosecutor (which could end in Mazadahonda’s investigation court no. 4) if another corruption complaint is admitted. miguel gallon, President of CENAFE) and, on the other hand, the study of two complaints by the CSD (Superior Sports Council), one again from AFE for the alleged spying of its president, and the other, of course, from Miguel Galán, who makes coffee. Complaining like a drinker. If the federation has anything to worry about, where they say they have nothing to hide and all investigations are on, it is these procedures of a government body like CSD, because disqualification can come from there.

In fact, these days in the Federation they are related to the fact that the CSD is a government body with the publication of conversations via WhatsApp between Rubiales and the President of the government, Pedro Sanchez.They understand that it is about pressurizing the executive to enforce disqualification., The Federation defends itself in many other ways as well. First, they condemn the president’s uncle for illegally obtaining information and revealing secrets, as they believe it is Juan Rubiales who is allied with Tebas and that has happened to him. secret Everything published. Furthermore, he argues that Has provided all necessary documents to the anti-corruption prosecutor and that they are ready to give any explanation that is required of them. On Tuesday, the federation published a decision by the TSJM in which they were correct in the case they opened against the TAD (Sports Arbitration Court) decision in 2020, where Rubiales wanted to renew his mandate.

On the other side of this war is LaLiga. Javier Tebas has filed a lawsuit against Federation employee Miguel García Caba, accusing him of recording and leaking Always OK Dario to OK Dario, according to his version of Rubials. With this initiative, the president of the employers’ union wants the full recording to come to light where, he says, García Kaaba explains the irregular actions by the federation’s president. Like Rubiales, Tebas has his circle of trust and many LaLiga activists devote body and soul to investigating everything related to these matters in order to kindle the fire. And it is in this atmosphere of recording pains, leaks and whispers that the national team is playing for a living against Switzerland tonight in the League of Nations. Defeat will make the situation worse.

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