Ukraine also opposed Putin from Eurovision


The Kalush Orchestra starts out as the favourite. Their song ‘Stefania’ has become a patriotic anthem since the invasion.

Kalash Orchestra, in Madrid in April.  AZ/wiremage
Kalash Orchestra, in Madrid in April. AZ/wiremage

“Nothing opposes war more than music.” This was expressed at the Grammy Awards ceremony in early April by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, who wanted to highlight the importance of his people while keeping his culture alive. PutinTries to knock it down, among other purposes.

The country, which has been ravaged by an invasion of Russian troops and nearly three months of bombing, is one of the favorites to win the 66th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest to be held in Tern (Italy) this week. The Kyiv authorities did not consider suspending participation. On the contrary, they consider it more important than ever Ukraine The Contest of such results exists and is linked as such European identity, His silence would have been another victory for Putin, whose irrational folly has forced Russia out of this year’s Eurofestival. And we are facing a competition that arose to unite the nations of the old continent, which has yet healed neither the wound nor the outrage after World War II, the greatest practice of inhumanity in history. Was.

They fly the Torn Ukrainian Flag with the Kalush Orchestra, a group that combines rap, hip hop and traditional Ukrainian folklore. It is unified by the rapper and leader of the group since 2019 by psiukimulti-instrumentalist ihor didenchuk And this DJMC Kilimman, And there is no doubt that his will not be just another performance on the Turin stage. Musical tastes aside, it causes the overwhelming feeling that Ukrainians feel with force while so many innocent are dying because totalitarian madness deprives them of even their right to exist as a people.

The song of the Kalush Orchestra, for his chagrin, has become an anthem. stefania is a song in Ukrainian that mixes folk, hip hop and many electronic arrangements with a catchy riff Made with flute, which was written by Ole Psiuk several months ago thinking of his mother and when he was young and she sang lullabies to him. But since the Russian invasion, it has taken on a whole new meaning. For Ukrainians it’s already A source for Ukraine as a mother who is sung as a slogan of resistance in every corner of the country And of hope, as well as to awaken the sadness felt by so many millions of Ukrainians who are now far from their mothers and so many loved ones.

Eurovicin, a beekeeper festival

Although Eurovision is a contest in which explicit political messages have no place, and the Kalush orchestra itself has promised to avoid slogans that make direct reference to the war, the band logically takes advantage of all the means at their disposal. . To justify our country in such a heart-wrenching situation, The scenery or costumes of the members of the group, as well as some of the equipment used, refer to ancient Ukrainian culture.

Participation in the Eurofestival of the Kalush Orchestra has not been easy at all. In the beginning, the band was not even initially selected in the national public television selection contest. Although you won the televote, the winner, thanks to the jury’s assessment—as with Benidorm Fest in Spain without going ahead—was the singer. alina pasho, But the controversy that arose after learning that he had traveled to Crimea – illegally occupied by Russia since 2014 – without obtaining a visa from the State Border Service, which granted him Russian Put in doubt of supporter support. The Kalush Orchestra itself charged Pash and blew the chain, which eventually gave him, the second-place finisher, turn to pass.

The invasion by Russian troops had not yet taken place. A few days later disaster struck. And, at that time, the lives of the band members, like the rest of their compatriots, were shortened. For weeks, he worked as hard as he could to help his country. Singer Ole Psiuk, joined a group of 20 volunteers to give Aid to the victims of the bombingswhile another member of the group is listed in one of the Ukrainian regional defense units, There were several weeks in which it looked like his performance at Eurovision would not be possible.

In April, however, Ukrainian officials insisted that it was very important for the country to be present at the competition. And, in recent weeks, the band has toured several continents, including Madrid, to promote the song and to raise funds for the Ukraine Medical and Humanitarian Aid Center, a charity that cooperates with the Ukrainian Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Health. . Re-integration of Temporarily Occupied Areas.

This is not the first time that the artist has come directly to Eurovision from a country that has become the scene of a war. This happened already in 1993, while the former Yugoslavia was going to death with the participation of the group More on behalf of Bosnia and Herzegovina, He had to be content to finish 16th in the Grand Finals.

stefania Today he is leading the bookmakers as the clear favorite to win next Saturday with the precious crystal microphone. The extent to which the state of war will affect the outcome of this candidacy is debated. However, it should be noted that since it was chosen, when old Europe was still sleepy and convinced itself that Putin would not dare to fulfill his threat, the song had an exceptional reception. and, in any case, Music is emotion if anything, And he will not disappear from the performances of the Kalyush orchestra.

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