Ukraine announced that “all women, children and the elderly” had been evacuated from Azovstal.


Volodymyr Zelensky marks the red lines of negotiations with Moscow and warns that his aim is to recover the entire country: “I was elected President of Ukraine, not of Mini Ukraine”.

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“I was elected President of Ukraine, not Mini Ukraine.” This was the sentence with which the Ukrainian leader, Volodymyr Zelensky, wanted to make it clear to today’s members think tank Chatham House that one of his red lines when negotiating peace with Russia is the territorial integrity of his country. It is not the only situation that conflicts with the interests of Russia, which continued its military offensive on Monday with all eyes on the military parade.

Ukraine daily wants to establish humanitarian corridors and diplomatic solutions to end the war, but “does not feel the desire of the Russian side” to achieve this, Zelensky suggested during his speech, in which he called for all those demands. picked up what he is ready to keep. on top of the table: Apart from restoration of pre-war borders – before 2014 –Kyiv wants the return of more than five million refugees, integration into the European Union and being accountable to the Russians.

Ukraine claimed today that “all women, children and the elderly” were evacuated from Azovstal. The Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine declared, “The President’s order was followed: all women, children and the elderly were evacuated from Azovstal. This part of Maripol’s humanitarian mission has been completed.” Irina Vereshchuk In a statement posted on social media.

Except for brief moments of respite, the facilities have suffered constant bombardment from Russian and separatist forces. The Ukrainian government has assured that its objectives include releasing fighters trapped at the plant, among whom are members of the far-right Azov battalion in Peephole, Moscow.

The peace talks he tried to start in Belarus, complemented by those in Turkey, have been stalled for weeks. The discovery of horrors committed by Russian troops against civilians in places such as Buka and the fierce siege of Mariupol made the necessary trust and cordial atmosphere for negotiations impossible. But the Ukrainians do not give up. On the one hand, they ask for weapons to continue facing Russian troops; On the other hand, they propose conversation.

Russia, for its part, celebrated the destruction of 18 Ukrainian “military installations” in the early hours of Saturday. Some of them assured Moscow, placing “a large amount of military equipment received from the United States and European countries” around Bogodukhov station, near the city of Zarkov. The coastal city of Odessa was attacked by Russian cruise missiles on Saturday. There was no personal injury to express regret. Ukraine did not report the target.

Meanwhile, the authorities declared a curfew in Zaporizhia, an enclave spread on both sides of the Dnieper where the war is slowly drawing near. After taking the largest nuclear power plant in Europe, the Russians tried to surround it from the southern edge. Even in the capital Kyiv, the government has warned of the possibility of an intensification of air punishments on the eve of the Victory Day parade, when Moscow is expected to declare firmly on war.

But, say ‘war’? For now, the Russian version is that it is a ‘special operation’, and this is made clear to its population by persecuting the use of another word. On Friday, the UN Security Council, of which Russia is a permanent member, did not want to get wet. In its first statement since the start of the invasion, the group adopted a resolution supporting Secretary-General Antonio Guterres’ negotiating efforts to find a “peaceful solution”.

But neither “invasion”, nor “war”, nor “conflict” entered the final text proposed by Norway and Mexico. All the result of effort focused on securing, for the time being, small diplomatic victories in order to achieve the consensus needed to carry out the resolutions.

The fight continues without a deal. The US yesterday promised $150 million more weapons for Ukraine.

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